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This is a bit of strange episode this one. The knights have all been chosen, and are currently sat around a round table singing in rounds. But it's too early for us to start season 8 so what do we do?

The correct answer is we go off to San Francisco to sit at the bottom of the stairs and interview gaming luminaries in association with Gamasutra at GDC. Yet how do we introduce ourselves to these luminaries? Is there some sort of calling card we can provide? Can we reduce 7 years, 160 hours of podcasts and about four literally unbroadcastable live shows into an hour long pre-recorded introduction?

Well, possibly. Team OLL went into their pre-record bunker to discuss how we got to where we are, how Ste will be going to GDC, if Los Angeles is above or below San Francisco (and getting it wrong) and how our party in association with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol will be the best gaming related party ever. Until Gamecity 2012 anyway.

Speaking of our amazing party, we still have one ticket left for sale. Surely you don't want to be the only person who isn't going? Well you can bid for this non-golden ticket by e-mailing us a monetary offer (despite Simon's best efforts to make us accept alternatives we will only be accepting monetary offers) to team [at] If you are the highest bid then you can have the ticket. The money will be going towards Resonance FM's fund raising drive. If you want to give them extra money to help keep them on the air then you can do so here (

Many thanks go to Ann this week for making something literally unbroadcastable into something that was literally broadcasted.

Team OLL x

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It's the last OLL Knights this week so we are crowning the last knight for 2012. Do you crown knights? Perhaps because we're unsure about these things it might explain why we didn't get the OBE that we were trying to get last year. Or Charles Cecil and Miles Jacobson deliberately stopped us from joining their gang. Normal service will resume next week, except that's our GDC preview show where we talk about how we're all going to have a great time at GDC.

Anyway, we have three worthy challengers this week in Nick Cowen, Daniel Nye-Griffiths and Duncan Geere. All three are excellent writers, but only one can succeed. Unless it's a tie. How many questions will be answered by the two words "Tim Schafer"? How do beards tie in to becoming a knight? Why did we choose to have a memory round that took a long time to finish? What would Simon like to snog, marry or avoid? All these questions will be answered in this episode.

And remember: if you want One Life Left to maintain its hold over all other gaming podcasts by us being on an FM radio station, then you can donate money by texting RZFM14 £5 or RZFM14 £10 to 70070 (UK only, we think). Or by going to and donating online.

Team OLL x

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You know, we've been testing our prospective knights on many factors. Usually it's how will they cope selling a game with a really bizarre name that Ste found randomly on the internet, but generally we're only testing them on their videogame knowledge.

At this point it is traditional to put in an UNTIL NOW bit of text to surprise you, and Team One Life Left is never one to break with tradition.


Oh, wait. Now it looks like we were breaking with tradition there. We're not. We don't even break with the tradition of Valentine's Day as our three knights are tested on their chivalry and valour as they all aim to procure their favourite game characters hand by using their verbal skills, as opposed to their broadswords.

But which three knights will be the ones to take on this challenge? Why it's Neon Kelly from, Ed Fear from Curve Studios and Martin Hollis from not killing Rare off.

If you want to show your chivalry then you can donate to the Resonance FM fund raising drive. We wouldn't be able to use our amazing FM abilities without Resonance so you should donate as much as possible. For those of you who aren't that chivalrous then if you e-mail us evidence of you donating (see you can win a piece of Ann's News Script that has the 'essence' of Ann on it.

Team OLL x

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So Simon's away this week after our caretaker foolishly agreed to let him have the time off. Perhaps said he could be on the guestlist at our GDC party with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol. Except there is no guestlist for him to go on.

Perhaps Simon being away might explain why we played our old theme for this week's episode. Wait, a better excuse is that we were having old members of the videogame establishment on the show so anything new might have caused them to worry.

Old Man Dreamweaver Kieron Gillen shows how he's kept in touch with videogames by telling us the differences between scrambled eggs and real eggs, whilst Dave 'I'm Dave Green' Green helps us increase the share price of Game.

Hang on, that excuse doesn't work because the Guiness Book of World Records Gaming Edition's Gaz Deaves isn't that old. Although Norris McWhirter did used to have a column in Zero magazine. (That was a parody column caretaker. You deserve stringing up for that one - Podcast Ed)

I suppose we'll just have to blame it on the same person that we blame every time something goes wrong. It's all your fault Parko.

Team OLL x

P.S. If anyone has worked out the naming convention for this series then tweet your answer to @onelifeleft and you'll get a prize that the Caretaker hasn't thought of yet.

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Good evening adventurers.

OLL Knights, the quizzy spin-off that asks the question “Why are One Life Left talking about videogames?” makes it into is third week with another astonishing panel.

Who’s that sitting among the Red Mushrooms? It’s Ron Festejo, Noodlfroot game designer, ex-Sony wonderkid and all round good egg (mushroom?). What majesty will he produce in Knights’ popular game design challenge?

Look, over there, skating on a green shell! It’s Mike Channell, Official Xbox magazine wizard and triathlete out-of-training. How will he cope with Six Degrees of Peter Molyneux?

And there, underneath the yellow stars! It’s Hollie... Bennett! Ex-of-Destructoid, now of Namco, scorer of points and seductress of communities. But will she still be smiling after Ann’s news round?

These questions – and more – answered within this all new episode of One Life Left Knights. Enjoy!



Team OLL


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