One Life Left's Podcast

Welcome dungeoneers!

It's rather quiet in the OLL Castle at the moment. Luckily we have our weekly jousting/quiz contests to keep our spirits up. This week is no exception. Shall we see who are our brave knights this week?

The Red Mushrooms are represented by Matt Lees from the Official Xbox Magazine. Will he be able to get through the Knights' Challenge without needing to sidestep left or right or ask "Where am I?".

Spellcasting "G I B B A G E" is Dan Marshall from Size Zero Games. Surely the Yellow Stars have never had a finer champion. Except for last week. And maybe the next few episodes after this one.

Andrew Smith from Spilt Milk Studios took on the mantle for the Green Shells. Can he finish the whole episode without his skull breaking apart slowly because he didn't get any food in his knapsack? ("That's too many Knightmare references" - Caretaker Ed)

Team OLL x

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