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Welcome dungeoneers!

It's rather quiet in the OLL Castle at the moment. Luckily we have our weekly jousting/quiz contests to keep our spirits up. This week is no exception. Shall we see who are our brave knights this week?

The Red Mushrooms are represented by Matt Lees from the Official Xbox Magazine. Will he be able to get through the Knights' Challenge without needing to sidestep left or right or ask "Where am I?".

Spellcasting "G I B B A G E" is Dan Marshall from Size Zero Games. Surely the Yellow Stars have never had a finer champion. Except for last week. And maybe the next few episodes after this one.

Andrew Smith from Spilt Milk Studios took on the mantle for the Green Shells. Can he finish the whole episode without his skull breaking apart slowly because he didn't get any food in his knapsack? ("That's too many Knightmare references" - Caretaker Ed)

Team OLL x

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It's time for OLL Knights to be unleashed on a waiting world. First off we'll start with a warning - this podcast contains lots of Parko.

As well as Parko, we have some SSCs* in the form of Dave and Nicky from Nintendisco and Mark Walton from Gamespot. We decided that we needed to choose which of the three teams were the best so we pitted them in a ingenious gaming quiz.

Who will win? You decide. Oh no, wait. We've already decided. All we know is that when Simon's top comes off, we're all losers.

Team OLL x

* Super Special Contestants

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Happy New Year listeners! Hopefully you had a good festive period, but it probably wasn't as good as the one the Resonance FM computer had. He was obviously still feeling the after-effects of partying throughout Christmas and kept crashing every so often to be sick in the corner. He also caused the feed to skip every so often.

Our Super Special Guest was Dan Clark from Mealtime Strategy, and he coped rather well with our poor attempts at punning food dishes from video games, as well as the PC going on the blink. Have we mentioned that enough already?

At least the Resonance PC actually turned up for the show as we had no contributors this week. Presumably they're all still burning off those Christmas calories using that Zumba game that Daria is always mentioning.

Whilst this is the last episode of the season, we announce our special GDC show and also OLL Nites/Nights/Knights (we'll work out the spelling soon). We also would like to invite you all to the next Wild Rumpus event that will be held on Thursday 2nd February at 93 Wild East. Come and be pushed over by Team OLL in person!

Team OLL x

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