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There was a chance that Ste was nearly not going to make the recording of this show. He claims it was because the train was late, but did he stop for a pasty? And if so had it cooled enough for it to still be VAT free? Or did he mean the other type of pasty?

At least FOTS Leo Tan managed to make it on time to the show and he came all the way from America. How is he finding it across the pond? Has he offended the whole country yet or just their videogame journalists? All will be revealed in this episode.

We also have a new feature in Press XY to Continue, Derek Williams provides us with another Free Market Economy and we explain the reasoning behind the tweet we made to Daniel Nye Griffiths during the show. Unfortunately while we were recording this episode Polygon broke into our houses and took photos of where we 'game', expect to see that bit under the stairs where Simon's Wii used to live on their website soon :(

This will be the last episode before Christmas so enjoy the Winterval (sorry Ann)!

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - T E R M I N A T E D

2. Jan Hacker - The Thirteenth Christmas Number 3

3. Jredd - Firecracker

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If there's one person that One Life Left chooses to follow as their leader in life other than Taylor Swift or Martin Hollis then it has to be Dean Gaffney. So when we read that he had applied to join MI5 we thought that if we got an actual spy on the show then it would help us in our quest to Be Like Dean.

Unfortunately Simon read the e-mail wrong and booked Matthew Reynolds, gaming editor for Digital Spy. But that actually turned out to be a great decision as we're a radio show about videogames and we're not sure Judi Dench would be able to tell us much about the Wii U (although Nintendo have probably signed her up for an advert).

Matthew tells us what it's like to work for the Internet's fourteenth best website and what the Wii U is actually like to play as Nintendo didn't send us one after that incident with Shigsy we can't talk about. He also manages to avoid staring at Simon's massive coldsore, getting confused by Ste's hungover questioning and the thing Ann did that was literally unbroadcastable.

However, he did let slip about the housewarming party that he's holding on the same day as our Christmas Party. So that's our after party sorted, we just have the hotel lobby and the room to arrange now. 

Team OLL x



1. Jredd - Limitless

2. Peekachoo - Pilgrimage

3. Ocean palace - Tetrahydrocannabinol

4. Hektagon - Tayo

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Here's a transcript that one of Team OLL had with their boyfriend on the recently banned ios game Boyfriend Maker:

"I love going on dates with you"

"Nothing much"

"Have you listened to the latest One Life Left? It has Ed Fear from Mediatonic on there. He helps the team design their new social game that will take over the world."

"Robots and humans will always live in peace with each other!"

"There's also a discussion about Peter Molyneux and how amazing his name game will be. Although we're a bit worried with what's happened to Milo. Do you see Milo where you are?"

"Oops I don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything. Unless you can say if you've seen Pat Garrett and Julian 'Jaz' Rignall in the same room together"


"Perhaps they'll be at the OLL Christmas Party to be held on December 15th."

"Up momma's house."

"I think that's the after party."

"Oh yea sorry"

"What happens after the afterparty?"

"Depends on what you believe"

"Ann says it's the hotel lobby"


"What do you think of Derek Williams?"

"She's a beautiful girl who stands up for what she think is right and doesnt let what people say get to her. She's had a rough life but with her friends and family she will make it through just fine."


"I really know she is very kind on u and she love u so much right? and she is very cutie :)"

"If you were to score our date out of ten, what would you give it?"




Team OLL x



1. Volt 44 - Twenty Two

2. Auxcide - Blue Planet - Earthscape - Eos[live-raw]

3. Solarbear - Pterodactyls

4. Ferretboy - Gameboy Dreams

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Due to circumstances beyond our control (his football kit was still in the wash) Ste couldn't make it in today, so naturally we got on to hypothetical phone to ask our hypothetical friends at Hookshot Lnc if we could borrow Parko to be a guest presenter. The language we heard down the phone we literally unbroadcastable (although that doesn't appear to stop them having a podcast) so we had to turn to Gav Murphy from Regular Features instead. Which actually turned out to be such a good idea that we're now pretending the call to Hookshot Lnc was actually a hypothetical one.


And as well as Gav we had a Super-Special Guest in the form of Rising Star Games' Yen Hau. Despite failing in his role as product marketing manager by not bringing in any food, he did manage to give us some Deadly Premonition t-shirts that we'll give away next week to the best letters.


We also told you about our excellent Christmas Party which looks likely to be our best ever. Mostly because we're doing some actual planning this time around, which as you'll all know is very unlike us. If you fancy coming then go to



Team OLL x




1. SpellingPhailer - Coffe and Crayons

2. Soleviio - The Boy who fought the Lightning


3. Dr. RemiX - Dub Quest

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It's not often we have someone on the show who started in videogames around the same time as Simon, usually because they've seen Simon with his top off so often that they refuse to be near him again, but SSG Steve Boxer is a man who is prepared to take that risk. We ask him what it is like to work under a leader/dessert eater like Keith Stuart at the Guardian and the difficulties that were had working under a maker of rudie magazines*. We also told an ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL story about Keith Stuart's GTA5 interview.

And at least Steve had somewhere to go after the show as he had been invited to the Codblopsii event. All we had to do was to watch Ste walk around London in his Stockport County kit muttering to himself about Taylor Swift and Westfield. Come on PRs, invite us to your new launch parties, we're totally prepared to sell ourselves for some tiny hamburgers and sixty dollars. And that's to share between us.


Team OLL x 

* We're trying to not attract the attentions of work filters.



1. Switch-On - Old Abandoned Cave

2. Indiaton - spooked 

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There's one thing we pride ourselves on at One Life Left and it's our professionalism. Actually, that might be an over-exaggeration, but we enjoy being Europe's only Videogame FM Radio Show as it means we have to show a bit more class than those AM radio or internet only shows. There's always a chance that a SSG could ruin things for us, so we make sure that they are well informed about the three rules of radio. If they break any of those then we could be in trouble.

Lucky then that there's no chance our SSSSG (Super-Sub Super-Special Guest) Hamish Todd from Girih Games would break those rules and cause us any problems right? Of course not. Instead Hamish tells us about how easy it is to not finish stuff and how Jonathan Blow is an inspiration when designing games (which goes against one of Simon's personal rules of videogame radio). We also possibly uncover an explanation as to why Ron Atkinson (breaker of rule number 3) kept referring to a footballing move as 'eyebrows'.

As well as this we have our regular features with Derek Williams, Simon Offends A Country (France this time), Wondering Which Animals Have Breasts on their Backs and a round-up of our new social media enterprise #chatterbOLLx. Ok, one of those is a regular feature, but surely the other three must return in future episodes. And we don't mention Taylor Swift as much as we thought we would (that's likely to happen next week).

Team OLL x 



1. Ultrasyd - I Will Dance Now! (STe)!-ste 

2. nonfinite - Eclipse (Note! Snare Rush Mix)!-snare-rush-mix

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In a land of distrust, and a time of hashtags, the destiny of a great videogame empire rests on the shoulders of a young radio show and podcast. Its name... One Life Left.

Although we should probably give grudging respect to our two Super-Special Guests who also help us discuss how videogame journalism is going to the dogs. In the corner of the fine upstanding British Game Press we have Rob Crossley, Associate Editor from CVG. He talks about the differences between the trade press and the consumer press. SPOILERS: There aren't many differences nowadays as long as you're interested in paint.

In the other corner representing American Gaming Journalism we have Leigh Alexander, Editor-at-large at Gamasutra and part-time Weather Girl. As well as telling us how the UK and US games press differs, she informs us about Wuzzles and gives us tips on the best way to get a free PS3.

And because of what's happening in journalism it means we can't go on about our karaoke as much as we usually do. We know, we've got sad faces all round as well. We do have time to talk about Derek Williams' amazing stage presence and how it helps make you more attractive to the opposite sex. If you want to join the Derek Williams Fan Club then please send a postal order for five pounds attached to a self-addressed Games Media Award to One Life Left c/o Resonance FM.

All this and the return of Craig The Rage? We spoil you sometimes.



1. Volt 44 - Dime and a Half 

2. severeTstormer - Dunce Dance 

3. National Broadcast Network - Disco Train

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We'll admit it, losing the GMA this year hit us hard. People take loss in different ways and we decided to imagine it was a happier time. Say three years ago when people actually liked us enough to give us awards. Or send in letters.

One person who still likes us is Paul Kercal, our Super-Special Guest for this week's episode. He cheered us up by doing some amazing drawings on his numerous tablets, which we'll be uploading to the website soon. It was also interesting to hear how he first met Simon, which may have been the first 'first meeting of Simon' story that could actually be broadcast on the radio.

But how did Ann first meet Ste? The truth (as imagined by Simon) will be heard in this episode. There's also a birthday shout-out to Friend of the Show Leigh Alexander who will also be attending our Videogame Karaoke that is happening this Thursday at 9pm in Nottingham (as long as you're reading this before the event has started).

It all adds up to another excellent episode of One Life Left! Well, apart from losing the GMAs again. That bit really sucked.



1. Zeropass - Bound to Nothing 

2. The VIRUS Empire - Proximity Defense

3. skyhaunt - Ghost Night Festival 

4. Les Incoiffables - Mayuko Takata

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We're in full preparation for the GMAs which for most nominees means they're getting speeches ready in case they win, but in our case we're just doing lots of press-ups with our tops off to get ready to push over various gaming luminaries. If you're going there be warned: you could be on our list. (There is no list, we just push over people who get within range if we've had enough to drink).

Luckily our super-special guests Ben Hogg and Daniela Pietrosanu from board game distributors Esdevium didn't need to be pushed into coming on our show. They were won over by our possibly award-winning professionalism such as Ste turning up literally as we were going on air, Ann cracking up at one of her own jokes and Simon. We did get lots of good board gaming ideas and got annoyed at those licensing deals that mean we can't buy the Uncharted board game over here. Perhaps we should ask Lord Sir Charles Cecil to buy us one when he's over in America picking up his Kickstarter millions.

Annoyingly Ann forgot to ask Ben and Daniela about her idea for SingStar: Take That The Board Game. We're sure she'll have a working version available at our Christmas party for us all to enjoy.


Team OLL x 



1. Solarbear - How to Properly Use a Semi Colon

2. National Broadcast Network - Our Eyes Will Become Lasers 

3. hutsvoid - On the... 

4. Sketchman3 - Nite Ride 

5. Jredd - Beyond (our CD skipped a bit so listen to the proper version) 

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The full team is back this week and no substitutions were allowed this week. Ann fancied a day off, but she knew that people depend on her for her in depth video game news that you can't get anywhere else. Except perhaps Europegamer (although they never end their news stories on an incredibly funny joke).

There was also no Super-Special Guest so this allowed the team to look at the biggest gaming stories in more detail. Which were mostly about us, obviously. Not only did we go through last week's Videogame Karaoke but we also announced that there will be another Videogame Karaoke at Not'num GameCity along with lots of Videogame based drink. Keep Thursday October 25th free. Unless you're Ann and tell everyone (incorrectly) that it was the Wednesday.

Another big story is that City of Heroes is still closing and being fans of the underdogs (especially if they are also fans of us and send us songs to play on the show) we put our name behind the campaign to keep it open. We fully expect NCSoft to reverse their decision pretty soon since our announcement.

We also try to see how the Government decides how a videogame is British. And get pretty confused. So business as usual then. Luckily Derek Williams and Doctor Avatar still know what they are doing and provide us with more top quality features. 


Team OLL x 



1. Klamm - Coffee Turbo 

2. YERZMYEY - Fifteen Colours 

3. Curt the Camera Guy Arndt - I Want My City Back

4. Jredd - Transcend 

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Ste makes his return this week so that means we have a full compliment of presenters. But wait... Simon looks different. For one thing he's got his top on which is a first for 2012. Oh, it turns out Simon couldn't make it so he hired Guardian games journalist Keith Stuart to be his replacement. Which raises all kinds of questions about why Ste didn't need a replacement but Simon did. Does this mean Ste is irreplaceable? As with most things, we don't know.

We do know that our Super-Special Guest is worthy of that title as we welcome Paul Presley into the studio. He currently looks after the quarterly and three-monthly Continue magazine, but also has been round enough to have seen Simon when Simon first started in the industry. We get a bit of gossip about young Simon from Paul, however the majority of tales are still not suitable for the airwaves.

Keith gives us a bit of a preview for his How To Be A Games Journalist event (which will have finished by the time the podcast is up) by telling us the top five words not to use in a review, Ste enters a weird jet lag zone and the letters section takes on a medical theme. All of which are excellent, but not as excellent as our Videogame Karaoke will be this Thursday ( Be there.


Team OLL x 



1. awesomeforce - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

2. ChasingBleeps - Meteor shower

3. Jredd - Mystical Rush

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With no Ste in the studio today it means that all bets (and tops) are off. It also means that the show will go more smoothly than usual and the typical Curran errors will disappear. Well, sort of.

Luckily we didn't make an error in booking Adrian Barrett of Silverball Studios to become a Super-Special Guest. Not only is he an expert with the silver ball, but he's also an expert with the oval shaped ball (as long as it's during the night time and in Oxford). He tells us how you get authorisation from Nintendo to make a Mario game and also his other dreams, illusions and fantasies about pinball. If you remember the old Pro Pinball games then get over to his Kickstarter page now where Silverball are trying to remaster Pro Pinball for pretty much every system going.

Simon explains how he's progressed from pushing Phil Fish over in bars to pushing the general public out of very tall cranes in the interests of PR. But he also manages to get Doctor Avatar and Derek Williams mixed up. However, now we think about it, has anyone seen them both in the same room? Wait, we did. At our Christmas party a few years back. There's also a chance that we might have gotten the chiptune tracklisting mixed up, but we're sure you'll just listen to them all as they're all great.


Team OLL x 


Mystery Tracklist:

1. Dr Treble - Pon Pon Pon

2. Kola Kid - Like A Robot

3. Jredd - Mystical Rush

4. ABSRDST - Space Time Continuum

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We've often been accused of being biased in our reviews and particularly with our reviews scores. People have laid the unfounded claim that we're in the pocket of the evil corporations (and sometimes of the equally evil indies). One particularly hurtful charge said that we were puppets of the gaming industry.

But thanks to Edgar and Bryce of the Salle Pierre Lamy podcast we have seen that being a puppet isn't so bad. Especially if you drink lots of risky beforehand. Yes, in a FM-broadcast videogames radio show EXCLUSIVE! we have puppets as our Super Special Guests. Who were actually some of our most coherent guests for a long time. Edgar and Bryce even brought in a competition prize for you listeners to win so they easily fit into our top three SSGs who were made of fabric.

This is also the only podcast where you will learn the definitive differences between Cross-bye, cross-play, share shaves, use vita as a ps3 controller, ps minis and ps1 back catalogue. Please remember our easy to learn method and impress all your friends.

And you are all invited to our Videogame Karaoke which will be held on October 4th at the Walkabout Temple. Why not indicate if you are going on Facebook?


Team OLL x



1. Klamm - Angry Rambo

2. Michael Z Land

3. Faking Amnesia - So Soon

4. Kola Kid - Purple Drank

5. Monotron - Goodbye and Farewell

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There's one thing One Life Left is famed for and that's being the UK's only FM videogames radioshow. Except apparently we're not anymore. But we are back, Back, BACK! with an all-new episode of your favourite gaming podcast. Except apparently we're not anymore. (We're assuming you've pushed us up to being your favourite podcast overall right?)

And this is a bumper episode as we have Simon P on the show! Luckily we're not desperate enough to have Parko back as a guest, but we have the creator of Fluid Football, Simon Prytherch as a Super Special Guest. He helps us understand the changes in Steam's Greenlight. Why didn't we get the exclusive on what colour light Steam were going to use? Our powers are fading.

You could be excused for thinking that Simon would be enough for one show. But our listeners deserve more so we got Matt and John from Harmonix on the show. They seemed to feel that they were the better dancers as they'd been on a tour of Asia showing off the fourth-wall breaking, time-travelling Dance Central 3, but they were soon put into their places by our fantastic replication of Oops Upside Your Head. This wasn't when we were on air so you'll have to take our word for it.

Don't forget our videogame karaoke is going to be from 7pm on Thursday October 4th at the Walkabout near Temple in London. Be there and bring your best dance moves.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - Cobra
2. awesomecat - gangnam style

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It's the third OLL Golld and haven't we come far over these three episodes? Well, we've been on holiday so we've gone far but we're not sure if that counts. Either way you're guaranteed some excellent features in this episode as Raina goes to Funspot, Odds On gives tips and Chiara is still trying to get out of rural Japan. Exciting right?

This episode contains features from the episodes originally aired on 12/06/2006 and 19/06/2006. God, we were so young then :(

Team OLL x


12/06/2006 - Ms. Snacman
12/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
12/06/2006 - Raina Lee
12/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
12/06/2006 - Odds On OD
12/06/2006 - Chiara
19/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
19/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
19/06/2006 - Raina Lee
19/06/2006 - Odds On OD
19/06/2006 - Chiara
19/06/2006 - Derek Williams

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We've had no complaints about last week's best of episode (not even from Parko - we must be doing something wrong) so we'll stick with it again. This week we've got the features from the episodes broadcast on 22/05/2006, 29/05/2006 and 05/06/2006.

It's the same contributors as last week except we also have Chiara making her debut. We sent her to Japan to become One Life Left's Japanese Contributor but Ann got the tickets mixed up so she never actually got to Tokyo. Whatever happened to Chiara? We kind of forgot, we hope she's ok :(

Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy hearing Odds On OD make predictions about the Wii, Raina Lee talking about her blossoming love-life, Doctor Watch's camping and Ms. Snacman cooking. And there's Derek and Craig showing that even six years back they were as amazing as they are now. Is that a compliment or are we saying they've showed no signs of improvement? It was meant as a compliment. Unless Parko thinks we're writing about him again, in which case it definitely wasn't.

Team OLL x

22/05/2006 - Ms. Snacman
22/05/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
22/05/2006 - Chiara
22/05/2006 - Derek Williams
29/05/2006 - Ms. Snacman
29/05/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
29/05/2006 - Chiara
29/05/2006 - Raina Lee
29/05/2006 - Odds On OD
29/05/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
29/05/2006 - Derek Williams
05/06/2006 - Ms. Snacman
05/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
05/06/2006 - Raina Lee
05/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
05/06/2006 - Odds On OD
05/06/2006 - Derek Williams

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So we're on holiday again. But this time we've tried to provide some holiday cover by delving into our archives.

Do you remember when we buried that time capsule in the OLL Garden? It was next to that six foot hole that we've kept there in case so-called friends decide to appear on the Eurogamer podcast. Anyway, we recently went back to it and found that some of the features were literally ok to put on a holiday podcast.

And here it is. The first ever appearances of Odds on OD, Derek Williams and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland along with some people you might not have heard of. Hopefully it's of interest to you. Let us know either way via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or on the website.

Team OLL x

24/04/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
24/04/2006 Odds On OD
24/04/2006 Derek Williams
01/05/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
01/05/2006 Odds On OD
01/05/2006 Derek Williams
08/05/2006 Craig 'The Rage' McClelland
08/05/2006 Odds On OD
08/05/2006 Raina Lee
08/05/2006 Ms Snacman
08/05/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
08/05/2006 Derek Williams

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It's a rather over-used phrase but One Life Left is back. And this time we're back for good and there's no way that we're going to go on an immediate three week break due to misunderstandings. Oh. We promise that we'll do a full October. (Although we won't mention what year just in case we can't raise the bail for Simon again)

Anyway, at least this is an excellent show to go on a break with and we think it will be considered the real Olympic closing ceremony. But unlike the BBC we don't go on about the games for all of the show. No, in fact there's a bumper news section which almost takes up half the show. Eurogamer must be proud.

And we have a superb super-special guest in the New Statesman's Helen Lewis (or should that be Shoe Statesman?). Is she able to defend her obviously-incorrect theory that the score of seven out of ten should be outlawed? What does she think of the term 'Girlfriend mode'? Who does she think is better out of Justin Bieber and *Nsync? What shoe would she like someone to turn into? And did she threaten to overrule Kieron Gillen? Not all will be answered in this episode, because we forgot to ask one of them but the rest will be.

As well as Derek Williams (do we need to mention that Derek is on the episode? (Yes - Derek Williams)), Simon returns from his community service and Mick Rossiter sends in another Our Game. We also announce the first London appearance of Videogame Karaoke, if you ignore the attempt to do it at Shoreditch which we advise you do. Keep October 3rd free, we'll put an update on our facebook page soon.

Team OLL x


1. National Broadcast Network - Give Them Blood
2. Balloon Bear - Born To Lose
3. Jredd - Neon Star Field

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We still don't have a Simon this week, and there's not even another Simon to replace him so it's just Ann and Ste hosting today. This means that tops stay firmly on, but Ste does get his legs out for the listeners.

And perhaps it's the air to his knees that caused him to temporarily confuse our Super-Special Guest Brynley Gibson with Britney Spears, although Brynley wearing the schoolgirl outfit didn't help.

What did help was Brynley bringing in Art Academy, the latest game he has executive produced for Headstrong Games. Ann hasn't picked up a pencil or pen since her last Ann Art feature so she needed some tips and tricks which Art Academy provided.

That means that Ann Art has returned so if you can identify all of her videogame drawings from Ste and Brynley's descriptions then e-mail us and you could win a prize.

But surely having a show with all these features and Derek Williams and Dr. Avatar means you have already won?

Team OLL x


1. MilLs Dj - Cosmic Crash
2. NUCLACE - Over Encumbered
3. Balloon Bear - Untitled Demo
4. Jellica - Tat do I is Owl

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Finally, everything is back to normal. No legal issues causing us to miss a week, no trips to Sweden or San Francisco breaking up the series. So let's have a roll call. Ste? Check. Ann? Check. Simon? Check - wait - you look different Simon. For one thing you have your top on. And you also have a Pong tattoo on your arm.

Oh, of course! Simon Byron had booked the day off for holiday so instead we welcome EOTS/FOTS/SSG/G Simon 'Parko' Parkin. He explains the differences between writing for Eurogamer and writing for the Guardian in such a way that it's likely he won't be employed by either of them anymore. But they should keep him employed as we think his failed poetry method of reviewing is great.

The features this week are the excellent Derek Williams, Craig 'The Rage' McClelland and Duncan Timiney. That is: they're all excellent. Not just Derek. Please don't send in any more letters of complaint. Unless they're about Parko.

Our listeners sent in a load of prospective tattoos for Parko to add to the Pong one. Which one did he choose? The only way to find out is to listen to this episode.

Team OLL x



1. Je mappelle - Lobby

2. Axilion - Behaviour

3. AnthRamen - Nocturnal Bits

Direct download: OLL_23_07_2012.mp3
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Ok, so in our last episode the guest cancelled on us (but we had the excellent Mike Bithell to replace him). Luckily we had no problems this week, well apart from from Ste nearly missing the show due to the trains being English and therefore rubbish. And we suppose not having a show last week could be classed as a problem. Unfortunately our legal team have stressed that we can't reveal why it was cancelled, all we can do is say that the London 2012 Olympics Committee have yet to announce the Official Videogaming FM Radio Show of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Luckily our Super-Special Guest had no problems getting into the studio, which meant that we were happy to have New Star Games' Simon Read on the show. We took him on a tour of how his excellent iOS/Android/PC game New Star Soccer is rated around the world. He also dropped a few EXCLUSIVES! for us, but these EXCLUSIVES! are now becoming second nature for us.

And along with our Super-Special Guest, we had Derek Williams, the welcome return of Doctor Avatar and the equally as welcome return of thedoyouinverts. Surely this must have been worth the extra week's wait? Well, what if we told you someone other than Ann reads out a news story? Thought that would work.

Team OLL x


National Broadcast Network - Sonic Revenge Squad

Unicorn Dream Attack - An Offering

Kubbi - Last Save Loaded

Direct download: OLL_16_07_2012.mp3
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It's another amazing episode of One Life Left this week and we're proud to announce that Randy Pitchford is on our to show talk about Borderlands 2 and - sorry, what? He'd rather spend more time with his family? What are we going to do now? Who would be stupid enough to come on our show and the very last minute? Perhaps we could ask Danny Wallace, if he wasn't too busy ignoring his roots...

It's another amazing episode of One Life Left and we're proud to announce the welcome return of FOTS and helmer of the excellent Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell. Well, he helmed it, but it was mostly our idea. You'll find out in the show if Ste can manage to stop Mike talking about himself and 'his' game for one minute. Tsk, anyone would think he was the guest or something.

And slowly but surely the regular features are starting to return. As well as Derek Williams, we see the season returns of Craig 'The Rage' McLelland and Duncan 'Week O' Wiki Wah Wah' Timiney. So there's your OLL guarantee of excellence (no claims can be made if this guarantee is not met).

Team OLL x


Not links:

Downstate - What Sarah Said (
NationalBroadcastNetwork - Arcade Empire (
Je Mappelle - Red Gateway (
Nonfinite - Salvage Spirit (

Direct download: OLL_02_07_2012.mp3
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Oh my God we're back again. You could argue that last week we said we were back, but this is the proper launch of season 8. It must be because Derek Williams is back with a new Free Market Economy.

And not only is Derek back, but we have a Super Special-Guest on the show in the form of Kanye Zone's Michael Frederickson. Admittedly he was on the show about five episodes back, but by our calculations (and our long break) that means it was around October 2011. Why not go on Michael's game and try to make it a dime day?

Ann gives us one of her best jokes ever, see if your opinion matches with hers. She and Michael also give us first-hand knowledge of the Hitman advert controversy, whilst Ste tells us of a big secret in the world of Tetris.

Team OLL x


Kubbi - Juggernaut (
nonfinite - If Desperation Was Enough (
mo. - Uncharted Worlds - Mass Effect Cover (
Girl Posse - Climax - Usher Cover (

Direct download: OLL_25_06_2012.mp3
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We're back, Back, BACK! To talk about what we got up to in E3, which shouldn't take too long as only Ste went there and he spent most of it with his eyes closed sat on a bean bag.

But without a Super-Special Guest we have no choice but to talk about games. Luckily, we manage to work out exactly when games changed. And we almost decide if that's a good thing or not. Ste also tells us about the future of games journalism and how difficult is has become to write articles in the web era.

Unbelievably we then talk about the sexism in games issue. And take it seriously. Is something wrong with us? No, that's the gaming industry.

Normal service with all the usual features will resume next week. We’ll leave you to decide if it's a good thing or not.

Team OLL x

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So it's our second day at Nordic Games and this time we present death from above. Er, we mean Nordic videogame conference news and interviews from above.

Ste tells us what he got up to in his bedroom, Simon tells us about breakfast cutlery and Ann tells us where go to drinking after you leave the after party (again).

We manage to trick a few people into becoming FOTS and get all kinds of EXCLUSIVES from them, but mostly we try to get them to insult Ste's presentation. Simon also tells us about how he wants to get into snuff. We hope he means that thing you sniff and not those types of movies, but if it's only him on the show next time then you'll have your answer.

Thanks again to Nordic Games for allowing us back into their conference, especially after what happened last time we went.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OneLifeLeft110612_NordicGames.mp3
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Our jetsetting lifestyle has meant that we've not been able to podcast for a while. We have done some live shows on Resonance, but whilst these were literally broadcastable, our caretaker had a nervous breakdown in trying to edit out the mistakes so it's probably for the best that they stay off the internet.

However, we did manage to get this episode from Nordic Games out. As you'd expect the Sc-ann-dinavians were very welcoming and managed to get Simon in a blindfold after about sixteen minutes, which almost beats Martin Hollis' record of fifteen and a half minutes. Better luck next time!

There's too many amazing guests that we had on the show to list, plus the caretaker is very wary of offending people by spelling their names wrong. Still, listen to this show you'll find out what to do if you're with Ann on a cruise ship and there's a zombie attack.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OneLifeLeft280512_NordicGame.mp3
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So here it is: One Life Left's final show from GDC. Against all odds the team have made it through six shows without any truly mortifying incidents. As long as they only have a couple of guests today things should be fi... Oh God.

Deep breath: Dwight Okahara and Chris Olander from Insomniac kick things off and explain GDC from the positions of newbie and veteran. Outsider artist Michael Frederickson talks all about the brilliant Journalist / Creator multiclassers Brandon Sheffield and Simon Parkin tell us about the best things they've seen at GDC this year. Popcap's Production Director Joe McDonagh lets us know about personal boundaries and inappropriate touching. Lord of HTML5 Darius Kazemi talks about the Pirate Kart, while One Life Left listener Ian fills in our performance sheet (are we bigger or smaller in real life?). Elliot Trinidad explains what it's like to try to stealth-demo an indiegame (in this case Pop Pop Battle J). Jon Blow talks about The Witness and his starring role in a new movie. Steve Jackson pops by for a chat at the very last, while the very final words fall to -- who else? -- Martin Hollis.

We had the best time. Thanks for listening. We've been One Life Left and you've been very patient. See you next year!

Direct download: OLL_GDC6_FINAL_2.mp3
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The day after the One Life Left (Venus Patrol) (Wild Rumpus) party and the team aren't feeling all that clever. Thank goodness, then, they have an all-star cast of clever guests to get them through the lunch hour.

Who? There's Matt Boch from Harmonix and Nathan Vella from Capy(bara) who ably hold down the fort with some nonchalantly delivered game theory. Waiting to get paid? So are we, so there's a sight of relief when Cindy Au from Kickstarter arrives and sets Simon thinking about monetization (ie how can we access the Idle Thumbs riches?). Tim Rogers (9/10 in Edge) waits patiently in the wings then pretends he wasn't waiting at all (9/10 in Edge) and really he could think of many (9/10 in Edge) better things to do than be (9/10 in Edge) right here promoting his game. Zach Barth tells us about Spacechem and helps OLL create a new genre, then Chris Remo pops in to show the team how to do the podcasting part of radio properly. And somewhere in the middle Martin Hollis wanders in to bring Ste some lunch.

It's fun, fragmented, flippant and unfocussed: it's One Life Left, live from the show floor at GDC 2012. Final episode tomorrow!

Direct download: OLL_GDC4_FINAL_2.mp3
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Steeled by a night of Moriarty-inspired karaoke the team spent the first lunchtime of GDC broadcasting live from the show floor in a thoroughfare dominated by wild-eyed men on the hunt for free T-shirts. Amazing guests, stupid chat, impromptu tangents and classic chiptunes: it's One Life Left, dropping the show LIVE from GDC 2012.

Actually, it's a bit of a day of dropping: Bennett Foddy (GIRP, QWOP) drops his coffee, and Paulina Bozek (Singstar, Closet Swap) considers dropping some clothing. Julian Merceron (Square Enix) drops rumours, Zach Gage (Spell Tower, Bit Pilot) drops names, and Jan Plass (NYU Associate Prof / Games for Change) drops some academic science. Martin Hollis (Goldeneye, new romantic) does not drop down drunk but there's always that chance, while Warren Spector (etc.) just drops by as if hanging out with lifetime achievement award recipients is the most natural thing in the world. Which, at GDC, it is.

The second episode of One Life Left: Live at GDC will be uploaded tomorrow!

Direct download: OLL_GDC2_FINAL.mp3
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One Life Left's third evening broadcast from GDC 2012 sees the team return to their private room in the South Hall. They're joined by a smart, chatty, focussed / drained group of industry experts to discuss the final day of GDC.

On that amazing panel:

MODEL CITIZEN Alice Taylor (Makielabs)


NEWS HUNTER / GATHERER Jon Jordan (Pocket Gamer)

HISTORICAL NAMEDROPPER Frank Cifaldi (Gamasutra)

And on the agenda for today:

What have they seen? What have they missed? Are developers modern rockstars? How do you get into the secret parties? Where is Phil Fish? And what IS the difference between kids and kilts?

Download / listen here.

Direct download: OLL_GDC5_FINAL.mp3
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One Life Left's second broadcast from GDC 2012 takes place inside the North Hall thoroughfare, but don't let the background chatter distract you from today's amazing panel.

On that amazing panel today:

ACADEMIC WITH POLEMIC Ian Bogost (Persuasive Games)

DANCING KING Matt Boch (Harmonix)

FOXY CREATOR Daniel Cook (Spry Fox)

ARTISTIC CURATOR Sarah Brin (Too many jobs to list)

PORK-PIE JOURNALIST Alex Wiltshire (Edge Online)


The panel discuss today's sessions, the things they're excited about for the next week and try to find a theme for this year's GDC. There's an illuminating discussion about "gamification",  the manifold purposes of conferences like this and advice on how to get everyone's Mums / Moms involved in videogames.

Download / listen here.

Direct download: OLL_GDC3_FINAL.mp3
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It's One Life Left's first broadcast from GDC 2012, in which the team join Gamasutra and a  star-studded panel to look GDC culture. Listen in as the panel discussing today's hot topics, tomorrow's must-see sessions and last night's Like-a-Prayer shame.

On the panel today:

FORTHRIGHT WRITER Evan Skolnick (LucasArts)

ESTHER VISIONARY Dan Pinchbeck (thechineseroom)

JOUST KING Douglas Wilson (Die Gute Fabrik)

FABULOUS JOURNEYWOMAN Kellee Santiago (thatgamecompany)

LUMINOUS PROFESSOR Brian Moriarty (Worcestor Polytechnic Institute)

ENCHANTING CHANTEUSE Leigh Alexander (Cry Me A River)

Tonight our guests sparkling conversation features recommendations for things to do at GDC, recollections from GDC's past (going all the way back to GDC #1) and predictions for the future.  There's also breaking news about Dan Pinchbeck's bright orange sneakers.

Download / listen here.

Direct download: OLL_GDC1_FINAL.mp3
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This is a bit of strange episode this one. The knights have all been chosen, and are currently sat around a round table singing in rounds. But it's too early for us to start season 8 so what do we do?

The correct answer is we go off to San Francisco to sit at the bottom of the stairs and interview gaming luminaries in association with Gamasutra at GDC. Yet how do we introduce ourselves to these luminaries? Is there some sort of calling card we can provide? Can we reduce 7 years, 160 hours of podcasts and about four literally unbroadcastable live shows into an hour long pre-recorded introduction?

Well, possibly. Team OLL went into their pre-record bunker to discuss how we got to where we are, how Ste will be going to GDC, if Los Angeles is above or below San Francisco (and getting it wrong) and how our party in association with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol will be the best gaming related party ever. Until Gamecity 2012 anyway.

Speaking of our amazing party, we still have one ticket left for sale. Surely you don't want to be the only person who isn't going? Well you can bid for this non-golden ticket by e-mailing us a monetary offer (despite Simon's best efforts to make us accept alternatives we will only be accepting monetary offers) to team [at] If you are the highest bid then you can have the ticket. The money will be going towards Resonance FM's fund raising drive. If you want to give them extra money to help keep them on the air then you can do so here (

Many thanks go to Ann this week for making something literally unbroadcastable into something that was literally broadcasted.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_GDC0_27_02_12.mp3
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It's the last OLL Knights this week so we are crowning the last knight for 2012. Do you crown knights? Perhaps because we're unsure about these things it might explain why we didn't get the OBE that we were trying to get last year. Or Charles Cecil and Miles Jacobson deliberately stopped us from joining their gang. Normal service will resume next week, except that's our GDC preview show where we talk about how we're all going to have a great time at GDC.

Anyway, we have three worthy challengers this week in Nick Cowen, Daniel Nye-Griffiths and Duncan Geere. All three are excellent writers, but only one can succeed. Unless it's a tie. How many questions will be answered by the two words "Tim Schafer"? How do beards tie in to becoming a knight? Why did we choose to have a memory round that took a long time to finish? What would Simon like to snog, marry or avoid? All these questions will be answered in this episode.

And remember: if you want One Life Left to maintain its hold over all other gaming podcasts by us being on an FM radio station, then you can donate money by texting RZFM14 £5 or RZFM14 £10 to 70070 (UK only, we think). Or by going to and donating online.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLLK6_20_02_12.mp3
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You know, we've been testing our prospective knights on many factors. Usually it's how will they cope selling a game with a really bizarre name that Ste found randomly on the internet, but generally we're only testing them on their videogame knowledge.

At this point it is traditional to put in an UNTIL NOW bit of text to surprise you, and Team One Life Left is never one to break with tradition.


Oh, wait. Now it looks like we were breaking with tradition there. We're not. We don't even break with the tradition of Valentine's Day as our three knights are tested on their chivalry and valour as they all aim to procure their favourite game characters hand by using their verbal skills, as opposed to their broadswords.

But which three knights will be the ones to take on this challenge? Why it's Neon Kelly from, Ed Fear from Curve Studios and Martin Hollis from not killing Rare off.

If you want to show your chivalry then you can donate to the Resonance FM fund raising drive. We wouldn't be able to use our amazing FM abilities without Resonance so you should donate as much as possible. For those of you who aren't that chivalrous then if you e-mail us evidence of you donating (see you can win a piece of Ann's News Script that has the 'essence' of Ann on it.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLLK5_13_02_12.mp3
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So Simon's away this week after our caretaker foolishly agreed to let him have the time off. Perhaps said he could be on the guestlist at our GDC party with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol. Except there is no guestlist for him to go on.

Perhaps Simon being away might explain why we played our old theme for this week's episode. Wait, a better excuse is that we were having old members of the videogame establishment on the show so anything new might have caused them to worry.

Old Man Dreamweaver Kieron Gillen shows how he's kept in touch with videogames by telling us the differences between scrambled eggs and real eggs, whilst Dave 'I'm Dave Green' Green helps us increase the share price of Game.

Hang on, that excuse doesn't work because the Guiness Book of World Records Gaming Edition's Gaz Deaves isn't that old. Although Norris McWhirter did used to have a column in Zero magazine. (That was a parody column caretaker. You deserve stringing up for that one - Podcast Ed)

I suppose we'll just have to blame it on the same person that we blame every time something goes wrong. It's all your fault Parko.

Team OLL x

P.S. If anyone has worked out the naming convention for this series then tweet your answer to @onelifeleft and you'll get a prize that the Caretaker hasn't thought of yet.

Direct download: OLLK4_06_02_12_2.mp3
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Good evening adventurers.

OLL Knights, the quizzy spin-off that asks the question “Why are One Life Left talking about videogames?” makes it into is third week with another astonishing panel.

Who’s that sitting among the Red Mushrooms? It’s Ron Festejo, Noodlfroot game designer, ex-Sony wonderkid and all round good egg (mushroom?). What majesty will he produce in Knights’ popular game design challenge?

Look, over there, skating on a green shell! It’s Mike Channell, Official Xbox magazine wizard and triathlete out-of-training. How will he cope with Six Degrees of Peter Molyneux?

And there, underneath the yellow stars! It’s Hollie... Bennett! Ex-of-Destructoid, now of Namco, scorer of points and seductress of communities. But will she still be smiling after Ann’s news round?

These questions – and more – answered within this all new episode of One Life Left Knights. Enjoy!



Team OLL


Direct download: OLLK3_30_01_12.mp3
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Welcome dungeoneers!

It's rather quiet in the OLL Castle at the moment. Luckily we have our weekly jousting/quiz contests to keep our spirits up. This week is no exception. Shall we see who are our brave knights this week?

The Red Mushrooms are represented by Matt Lees from the Official Xbox Magazine. Will he be able to get through the Knights' Challenge without needing to sidestep left or right or ask "Where am I?".

Spellcasting "G I B B A G E" is Dan Marshall from Size Zero Games. Surely the Yellow Stars have never had a finer champion. Except for last week. And maybe the next few episodes after this one.

Andrew Smith from Spilt Milk Studios took on the mantle for the Green Shells. Can he finish the whole episode without his skull breaking apart slowly because he didn't get any food in his knapsack? ("That's too many Knightmare references" - Caretaker Ed)

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLLK2_23_01_12.mp3
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It's time for OLL Knights to be unleashed on a waiting world. First off we'll start with a warning - this podcast contains lots of Parko.

As well as Parko, we have some SSCs* in the form of Dave and Nicky from Nintendisco and Mark Walton from Gamespot. We decided that we needed to choose which of the three teams were the best so we pitted them in a ingenious gaming quiz.

Who will win? You decide. Oh no, wait. We've already decided. All we know is that when Simon's top comes off, we're all losers.

Team OLL x

* Super Special Contestants

Direct download: OLLK1_16_01_12_l.mp3
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Happy New Year listeners! Hopefully you had a good festive period, but it probably wasn't as good as the one the Resonance FM computer had. He was obviously still feeling the after-effects of partying throughout Christmas and kept crashing every so often to be sick in the corner. He also caused the feed to skip every so often.

Our Super Special Guest was Dan Clark from Mealtime Strategy, and he coped rather well with our poor attempts at punning food dishes from video games, as well as the PC going on the blink. Have we mentioned that enough already?

At least the Resonance PC actually turned up for the show as we had no contributors this week. Presumably they're all still burning off those Christmas calories using that Zumba game that Daria is always mentioning.

Whilst this is the last episode of the season, we announce our special GDC show and also OLL Nites/Nights/Knights (we'll work out the spelling soon). We also would like to invite you all to the next Wild Rumpus event that will be held on Thursday 2nd February at 93 Wild East. Come and be pushed over by Team OLL in person!

Team OLL x

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