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Surprisingly, despite two of the team being within lawsuit distance on J Bieber we don't go on about him all episode and instead talk about videogames. Yes, it's that time of year when the Christmas lights go on, tops come off and One Life Left actually mention games.

After having no super-special guests we go overboard this episode with both Oli Clarke Smith and Phil Crabtree from Quarter Punch Circle Game Works in the studio and also Jen from The Bike Show making a cameo appearance. Whilst Oli and Phil were perfect guests talking about their excellent game Wonton 51, Jen was a totally different proposition. Why did she keep making notes when Ste was moving the faders? Why did she keep talking into the collar of her jacket? What reason could she have for leaving the show part way through? We'll make sure to ask her when we have lunch with her at the sushi restaurant she's invited us to.

As for contributors we've got three of those as well. Daria turns all Rory Bremners on us and shows her amazing range of voices, Odds On OD gives us some useful tips and Craig sends us all back to our University dorms through his poetry.

Team OLL x

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