One Life Left's Podcast

It's another amazing show with your favourite pop group One Life Left. Today, joining  Simon (the tops off totty!), Ste (the shy and sensitive one!) and Scanters (the girl!) is music industry expert Paulina Bozek! She talks to us about fashion, Singstar, J Bieber turning on the Christmas lights (relax girls, he's sort-of dating someone!) and when is the optimum time to take your top off while singing!

Ahem, sorry - I don't know what happened there. I'm sure once we do our karaoke night this Friday we'll get all the pop out of our system. Except for Ann and Ste.

But it's another excellent, possibly GMA winning episode today with Daria and Craig providing some excellent features. There's also the return of someone who hasn't been on FM radio for a long while, it certainly surprised us when we got his e-mail. Mostly because we thought he wouldn't get out so qucikly.

Team OLL x

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