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The alternative title for this one was going to be Nagoya Rumpus 8, but we thought that was going to be too obscure, even for our listeners. If you do get it, then award yourself an extra FOTS point.

The FOTS/SSG for this OLL episode is the VVG Marie Foulston from the much, much better than OK Wild Rumpus. As she wasn't developing any games (well, none that she'd tell us about) we were light on colour EXCLUSIVES, but we did manage to find out that Wild Rumpus will be collaborating with us at our karaoke night during GameCity. It's like when Peter met Jordan. They might even be at our Christmas party, along with Rock Paper Shotgun. Because the one thing our Christmas parties need are more people in the small-ish upper deck of the Blue Posts.

In the run up to the GMAs our contributors still bring excellent features with Daria's Command and Flu Market Economy and Duncan looks at big packages because Simon told him to.

Perhaps we should have asked our new contributor, Siri, if we're going to win the GMAs this year. Then we would know how much to drink at this year's awards. Oh well, we'll have to drink enough to forget, just like every other year.

Team OLL x

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