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It's another amazing show with your favourite pop group One Life Left. Today, joining  Simon (the tops off totty!), Ste (the shy and sensitive one!) and Scanters (the girl!) is music industry expert Paulina Bozek! She talks to us about fashion, Singstar, J Bieber turning on the Christmas lights (relax girls, he's sort-of dating someone!) and when is the optimum time to take your top off while singing!

Ahem, sorry - I don't know what happened there. I'm sure once we do our karaoke night this Friday we'll get all the pop out of our system. Except for Ann and Ste.

But it's another excellent, possibly GMA winning episode today with Daria and Craig providing some excellent features. There's also the return of someone who hasn't been on FM radio for a long while, it certainly surprised us when we got his e-mail. Mostly because we thought he wouldn't get out so qucikly.

Team OLL x

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The alternative title for this one was going to be Nagoya Rumpus 8, but we thought that was going to be too obscure, even for our listeners. If you do get it, then award yourself an extra FOTS point.

The FOTS/SSG for this OLL episode is the VVG Marie Foulston from the much, much better than OK Wild Rumpus. As she wasn't developing any games (well, none that she'd tell us about) we were light on colour EXCLUSIVES, but we did manage to find out that Wild Rumpus will be collaborating with us at our karaoke night during GameCity. It's like when Peter met Jordan. They might even be at our Christmas party, along with Rock Paper Shotgun. Because the one thing our Christmas parties need are more people in the small-ish upper deck of the Blue Posts.

In the run up to the GMAs our contributors still bring excellent features with Daria's Command and Flu Market Economy and Duncan looks at big packages because Simon told him to.

Perhaps we should have asked our new contributor, Siri, if we're going to win the GMAs this year. Then we would know how much to drink at this year's awards. Oh well, we'll have to drink enough to forget, just like every other year.

Team OLL x

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It seems like it was only last week that Perestroika happened (or was it Glasnost, we find it so hard to tell with these modern haircuts) and One Life Left was made free of the cruel oppressor that took over our airwaves for three minutes every week. Oh, who are we kidding, we still miss you and your constantly self-promoting ways Derek. But Comrade Daria is hopefully a worthy replacement with her Command Market Economy.

Our super-special guest Alex May, tries to hide some exclusives from us and - for the most part - he succeeds, but we manage to get some colours announced for our fans of colours in games. He also has a smooth voice that made at least one person in the OLL chat room go weak at the knees. But that might have been when they saw how much a hotel room in Nottingham costs.

Apologies for the delay in uploading this, there were issues with our caretaker's broadband. We also have the usual apology for anyone offended by Craig's poem, but you should be used to that by now.

Team OLL x

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Sad news this week (cue the music from The Incredible Hulk) as someone announces his (or her) (hopefully temporary) retirement from the show (The title gives it away you idiot - ed). The aftershocks of this announcement will be felt for some time, or until Ste finds a way to fill in the spare three minutes.

Away from news that will bring a tear to a glass eye, we have a super-special guest in the form of Nick Cowen, who shows us how freelance journalism works as he not only works in the clean, pristine world of FM radio, but also is prepared to get dirty in the disgusting world of medium wave. Brrr.

There's a bumper letters section that we have to split into two sections. Listen to see if you won a copy of Dark Souls or if you were insulted by Ste when he was drunk.

Not a huge amount of features, but the ever reliable Derek and the reliably Week A Wiki Wah-Wah-ing Duncan are more than capable of keeping you entertained. We hope.

Team OLL x

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