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One Life Left is a radio show about videogames. Prepare to die! This week the team talk about Dark Souls. Prepare to die! They recall the EG Expo and the party afterwards. Prepare to die! They remember how they behaved. Prepare to die, inwardly, on-air. SORRY EVERYONE.

Also in this episode:

++ The longest news story in OLL history!

++ A somewhat laborious analogy for the difficulty in Dark Souls which will only work for people familiar with early 2000s UK pop, i.e. Ste and Ann and other Popjustice veterans

++ An EXCLUSIVE Sabrepulse track! Sort of. It might be exclusive. Let's say it's exclusive

Also more brilliant music, reviews and some fabulous features including the last of the current batch from game designer Ella. Join OLL in thanking and congratulating her. We hope she'll be back for Season 8...

This is the final week without our caretaker so expect a better description and more timely podcast next week. It can't come soon enough, frankly. Real work is exhausting!

Until then,

Team OLL


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Bonjour! Welcome to a very French One Life Left, or at least a very French first few seconds for no reason that we can determine. Any ideas why Ann's gone Gallic? Emails to the usual address. We'd love some letters next week...

Also on the show:

++ Special guest, GMA Lady-in-Chief Caroline Miller gives OLL the once over before the commiseration ceremony at the end of the month

++ A Zumba-d out Derek Williams makes a special appeal for musicians to lend him a helping hand

++ The team spend a whole song trying to find a rhyme for 'Virgin'

And the usual features, news, reviews and chat. Music this week courtesy of Je Mappelle, Fantomenk, MisfitChris and Victory Road. Tune in on Monday for a new episode or bide your sweet time for another podcast next week. It takes an awful lot to get it up for you these days, you know (no offence). Hopefully we'll manage to get next week's episode on the internet before our beloved Fluffer / Caretaker returns from his much deserved break... 

Until then,

Team OLL xxx

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We feel bad for Techland, the creators of Dead Island. All that work they did on making a really good trailer ruined by them sending the wrong version by accident.

Luckily, we don't do anything as daft here at One Life Left. There's still no super-special guest so it's just Ste, Ann and the Feminist Whore presenting. However, we more than make up for this by providing you with a haunting Glee-style rendition of the Assassin's Creed theme. Except without any twenty five year-old pretending to be cheerleaders.

We also help explain how to make games via the medium of cakes. It's just like that episode of Ace Of Cakes where they made a cake, but about videogames.

Contributors this week are Derek, the doyouinverts' Austerity Pleasures, Ella's Game Design Masterclass and Matt & Steve's Amazing Pokemon Week. Something for everyone, as long as everyone likes either the games chart, cheap games, how to make games or Pokemon.

In other fourth-wall breaking news, the caretaker is going on holiday for two weeks so Ste will be back in charge of uploading the next two podcasts. Therefore do not expect them to be released every Tuesday like the caretaker has almost done every week. And how do you repay him? By tweeting the show or writing to the website moaning about how it was a few hours late or because there wasn't even a show that week. You lot deserve Ste and his poor podcast uploading timekeeping skills.

Team OLL x

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It's hard going back to work, even after only one week away. Except because of the sheer professionalism of Team OLL you won't notice that.

You might notice that we're missing some super special guests. Perhaps their Mums were allowing them an extra day off to stay at Center Parcs or to go to Skeggy Beach or something. Either way we'll have some super special guests for next week. Maybe.

As well as our excellent contributors (Derek, Doctor Avatar and Craig this week) we talk about CoDexp and Kanye attending the launch event. We're hopeful of getting R Kelly to come to our rival OLLExp event. What's that, he's cancelled? Ok, Bubba Sparxxx then. MC Hammer? Who can we have then? MC Skat Kat? We give up.

Team OLL x

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