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There's nothing we enjoy more than talking about putting sensors on our body and seeing how aroused games make us. Luckily this week we finally have an excuse to do so as Graham McAllister from Vertical Slice talks to us about - no! but yes! - measuring arousal from a professional gaming capacity. Try to hear the part where Graham applies the sensors to Ste. All we can say is Graham has very cold hands, but a warm heart.

Simon is also back from Canada and Germany and we've missed his amazingly smooth segue-waying ability. It's so smooth that you won't even realise when we move onto something new. Simon also tells us about GDC Europe and the talk he attended that was hosted by The Honourable Lord Sir Charles Cecil.

Contributors this week are Derek Williams, the doyouinverts' Austerity Pleasures, Matt and Steve's Amazing Pokemon Week (and not Mel and Kim as our caretaker originally wrote it), a new Our Game Letter and the always excellent Ella giving more advice to budding (and experienced) game designers.

Team OLL x

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