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Okay London, we hear you. Perhaps Simon being away and forgetting to tip that waitress was too much for you to deal with. But there was no need to riot over it.

Especially as we had an excellent replacement with GameSpot's Jane Douglas. She coped pretty well with our typically hard hitting questions and also with the microphone problems we had. Sorry about that, Simon must have taken the correct leads with him as a form of sabotage.

The doyouinverts keep trying to save us money through legal methods with their Austerity Pleasures, Matt and Steve have another Amazing Pokemon Week and Ella creates a new gaming masterpiece.

Was Derek on this week's show? We honestly can't remember (Note to Caretaker - delete Derek's bit from this podcast. He needs to know his place).

All this and we announce the dates for our GameCity Karaoke Night! So be there or be somewhere else!

Team OLL x

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