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There's nothing we enjoy more than talking about putting sensors on our body and seeing how aroused games make us. Luckily this week we finally have an excuse to do so as Graham McAllister from Vertical Slice talks to us about - no! but yes! - measuring arousal from a professional gaming capacity. Try to hear the part where Graham applies the sensors to Ste. All we can say is Graham has very cold hands, but a warm heart.

Simon is also back from Canada and Germany and we've missed his amazingly smooth segue-waying ability. It's so smooth that you won't even realise when we move onto something new. Simon also tells us about GDC Europe and the talk he attended that was hosted by The Honourable Lord Sir Charles Cecil.

Contributors this week are Derek Williams, the doyouinverts' Austerity Pleasures, Matt and Steve's Amazing Pokemon Week (and not Mel and Kim as our caretaker originally wrote it), a new Our Game Letter and the always excellent Ella giving more advice to budding (and experienced) game designers.

Team OLL x

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First off, we owe an apology to Simon. Last week we accused him of sabotaging our show, but now we've had the time to think it was probably of our our rivals for the GMAs. Especially since we've been the victims of further skulduggery which made us delay uploading this week's podcast. It couldn't have been fellow GMA nominee and last week's guest Jane Douglas could it? No, almost certainly not.

We do have another super-special guest presenter this week in Noodlefruit's Ron Festejo. Will he recognise us after four years away? Probably, once we start making errors. At least he helps us fix broken Nintendo.

And there's our amazing contributors Derek Williams, Doctor Avatar, Ariel Angelotti and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland. So it's another episode of the excellent GMA nominated gaming radio show. And it's on the super-excellent FM radio, not crackly medium wave!

Team OLL x

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Okay London, we hear you. Perhaps Simon being away and forgetting to tip that waitress was too much for you to deal with. But there was no need to riot over it.

Especially as we had an excellent replacement with GameSpot's Jane Douglas. She coped pretty well with our typically hard hitting questions and also with the microphone problems we had. Sorry about that, Simon must have taken the correct leads with him as a form of sabotage.

The doyouinverts keep trying to save us money through legal methods with their Austerity Pleasures, Matt and Steve have another Amazing Pokemon Week and Ella creates a new gaming masterpiece.

Was Derek on this week's show? We honestly can't remember (Note to Caretaker - delete Derek's bit from this podcast. He needs to know his place).

All this and we announce the dates for our GameCity Karaoke Night! So be there or be somewhere else!

Team OLL x

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We always go on about our super-special guests in these introductions, so for a change why don't we put our excellent contributors at the front for once? In this episode we've got Derek Williams our constantly self-promoting market stall holder, Craig 'The Rage' McClelland our amazing gaming poet in residence, the doyouinverts moving from making fantastic music to helping you save money with their Austerity Pleasures and Doctor Avatar trying his superb best to stop our gaming superstars from dying.

And, of course, there's the listeners. Not only do you treat us with a bumper crop of letters, but you also joined us in our Google Hangout (although we then realised that only 10 people can hangout at once and our useless Caretaker didn't even tweet the link like we asked him too). We even had a special competition for those on the hangout, but you can still e-mail us your entries if you want to.

What else happened? Oh we talked about games for once (it must have been our anniversary or something) and Dave Green sent us some lyrics for Ann to sing to music. As long as she gets within a midge's minim of the start of when she needs to sing it will be great.

Team OLL x

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