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WARNING: This episode of One Life Left may contains Muse songs sung by Simon Byron.

With that warning out of the way we can assure you that the rest of this week's episode of One Life Left is excellent (not that Simon's singing isn't, but you know...). It's even a prize-winning episode as Simon awards a game to the best letter. There'll be a game to win next week as well, so be sure to write in.

One person who is already a prize-winning writer is our super-special guest - Official Xbox 360 Magazine's globe-trotting Mike Channell. We grill him as you'd expect from the expert interviewers that we are. Donate to Mike's triathlon at

Derek Williams continues his look at the charts, while Duncan sheds some light on Do The Know It's Christmas (no warning required for this one). We also have the welcome returns of Ella Lavelle and Ariel Angelotti.

If you have any good lyrics for 8-bit Karaoke then send them in to the usual address and you could have your creation sung by Simon! Oh, and let us know if you're mates with Midge Ure, we'll be nice to him. Promise.

Team OLL x

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As you all know, we've been holding excellent parties in the Blue Posts for a good few years (along with some sexy after parties in various hotel lobbies). Unfortunately Rock Paper Shotgun failed to acknowledge this fact so we call them out on air over it.

That's not all, as Ann and Simon give a lovely rendition of what the One Life Left Christmas single could sound like. We eagerly await to hear what Rock Paper Shotgun's single will be. Knowing them it'll probably be featuring the Judas MC Simon 'Parky' Parkin.

Not that we're full of hate. In fact we're full of love for our excellent contributors Derek Williams, the doyouinverts austerity measures, Our Game, Doctor Avatar and Matt and Steve's Amazing Pokemon Week. There's also love for Leigh Alexander in the letters section, but will she accept the offer? Tune in next week to find out!

Team OLL x

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If there's one thing that One Life Left knows our readers like then it's EXCLUSIVES. And if there are two things they like then they are EXCLUSIVES about the colours of games. We use our interviewing skills to get this information out of Mike Bithell from Bossa Studios, along with using our social media skills to see what our listeners who don't work or sleep with him think about Mike as a person.

As well as this there are two new features, Ella Lavelle takes over the youngest correspondent mantle and Q Games' Ariel Angelotti tells us about the differences between Japanese and Western gamers. If you have any questions for Ariel then send them to her on twitter @arielotti. We also have a 3D special as Derek Williams, Duncan Timiney and the doyouinverts all contribute in their own excellent ways.

One more thing, we proclaim Simon Parkin as a Judas in this episode. Sometimes we regret things that are said live on air and remove them from the podcast. Please note that we kept the Simon Parkin bit in.

Team OLL x

Lonely Tunes - Don't Be Afraid Of Being Alone
the doyouinverts - Unleash The Simulated Family
Jredd featuring Groovemaster 303 - Volt City

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Never let it be said that One Life Left is not prepared for all emergencies and when your resident News Fox is ill, then that's a pretty big emergency.

Luckily substitute News Fox Harjeet managed to slip into Ann's poorly shoes successfully. But where would Harjeet copy the news from? Would it be from Ann's favourite Eurogamer or would she look further afield?

As well as Derek Williams promoting himself and the welcome return of burglar-chasing Craig 'the Rage' McClelland and his Twelve Ages of Craig, we also have two new features with Our Game (literally a new feature in the writer's case) and Matt and Steve's Amazing Week. And don't forget the announcement of our secret project for the year. With a line-up like that how could we fail? Well, Ste and Simon are still presenting so it's highly likely.

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Ann Life Left, much like a total lunar eclipse, does not happen often. And when it does you'd better make sure you're around to see it live, because releasing it as a podcast will usually take in excess of a week. That's how a lunar eclipse works, right?

It's all worth it though, because here she is - the Scanters' Party Quiz edition!

Two teams. Some ill-conceived quiz formatting. Questions about videogames that are probably correct. BUZZERS AND BELLS.

Super big thanks to Ed, Claire, Simon and Hannah for being the teams. They really were good teams (although, without giving anything away, one was better than the other).

See you next time Ste and Simon go on a naked fishing holiday together!


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