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We know, you're upset that Lulzsec have disbanded. But this world just isn't big enough for both them and One Life Left to be around in.

What we're trying to say is we're back, Back, BACK! With a new website, a new scoring system and some new features. Well, two out of three isn't that bad. Or is it one out of three?

In this week's episode we also speak to our super-special guest Adam Marsh from about how to pick up strange men on trains using a 3DS. Occasionally we mention his website, but as it's about games we keep it to a safe minimum.

Other subjects we touch on are Ste and Ann's superhero alter-egos, people spotting Derek live on the show, the perils of finding a replacement for Taliah and Simon's strange hand gestures. So another game-centric episode in other words.

Also feel free to contact us via the usual address if you would like to contribute to the show, or just send us a letter if you want.


Team OLL


VCMG - Caffeine

Pirates with Paper Hats - Halo

Yerzmyey - Critical Error

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