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Ste's back and it's his birthday -- twenty-one again, etc. But more importantly, perhaps, it's Valentines day which means the One Life Left studio is full of love. For videogames? Well, some of them...



Also in this episode:


++ Ste finds out about plans for the fifth anniversary party


++ Ste finds out what Simon and Ann talked about last week


++ Ste finds out why he shouldn't let the other two run the show for a week


Of course, the positive thing about episode #142 was that it appeared, albeit HIDEOUSLY TAGGED, on the internet less that 24 hours after recording. This is not the case here, obviously. Sorry! But it won't be a problem for Season 7. More details to follow...


See you on Monday for the final show of the year.




Team OLL


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Wait! Check your calendars. Is it a Thursday? No. A Friday? Nope. SaturdaySundayWednesday? Sorry.

Maybe it’s Monday at 7:00pm and you are listening live? Then how comes you’re on a bus or a train or running a run or something?

Yep, as a sort-of apology for our recent lack of podcasting urgency, we present yesterday’s show. If you touch it you will see it is still warm.

So, in our penultimate penultimate show of this series:

STE! Banished from the studio for being too damn sexy!

SIMON and ANN! Host!

LEO TAN! Returns.

Fine music is played, members of the games industry who have been honoured by the Queen are threatened with extreme physical violence, and we have four EXCELLENT features.

It is an okay show. 7/10.

Hey, we’re not here next week – but please don’t let that stop you from writing us words, We’ve had few suggestions on how to further our OBE/MBE/C3PO aspirations, so get cracking on those.And if you can't think of anything, write us a letter anyway - we will literally be giving away T-shirts on our next show to people what write us. 

See you the week after next!

Simon, Ann (and sexy Ste). xxx

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