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The call back, a popular comedic device the team learnt about while studying for their sets at Nottingham Game City, involves 'calling back' to a subject you've already discussed with the audience. Howzat relevant? Because, with their videogame standup out of the way, the team can concentrate on something else they don't know how to do. Cricket!



More call backs in Episode #136:


++ The thorny issue of the lateness of the podcast pops up again. At least it's out in the same week this time. Sorry, listener(s).


++ Once again we claim we're going to riff on something AND NEVER DO. I think we must have done that at least a dozen times across the last five years. Still, at least it gives you something to write in about, right?


++ We also threw a fake rock-star-style hissy fit at Resonance before the show started because The Bike Show was hosting a live caller and we like to pretend they get treated better than we do. Which frankly they probably should, but that's not the point, because they don't. So that's sort of to do with calling... Back... too?


That's it. Music on the show from Ultrasyd, Danimal Cannon and pk! pk! No show next week, but do write us letters, send us things and play up, play up and play the game.




Team OLL


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