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With their commitments clear for the forseeable future, the demob-happy One Life Left team collectively exhale. For an hour. Injokes, indulgence and intermittent attempts at professionalism, it's an episode that almost never was and probably shouldn't be. Hm. 



Srsly. We almost didn't podcast this; it was going to be a 'lost episode' that the publishers would release long after we'd split up in an attempt to cash in on Simon's notoriety. The other option was to put it up as late in the day as possible, ie on the Monday of the next episode, which is what's happening.


Please find enclosed one episode of One Life Left, featuring Leo Tan, some amazing music, excellent contributions from Derek and Duncan, and us. Being idiots.


Tune in to Resonance 104.4FM tonight at 7pm to hear a better one. Promise.


Team OLL


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