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Excuse the brevity, lateness and general incompetence, but we're Writing this in a hotel four hours before we go on stage for One Laugh Left. So we sort of have other things on our mind. E.g. Being funny / avoiding bottles.



In this episode:


++ Nigel Taylor, who is anything but nasty, joins us to talk about stand-up comedy, how it goes write and how ours could go wrong


++ Other things that we can't remember right now


There was no episode this week because we were too busy 'preparing' for tonight, so apologies for that too. We'll all be back on Monday though and you'll be able to find out what happened (though we're sure you'll have heard about that on our Twitter, anyway) (if you're not following us, why not?).


Wish us luck, Team OLL-ers,


Ste, Simon and Ann


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