One Life Left's Podcast

No special studio guest this episode which means the One Life Left team can forgo politeness and professionalism and just be themselves. What does THAT mean? Pointless pop culture chat, fractious behaviour and the smallest bits of videogame gossip / insight, apparently. It's episode 11!




(Insight? Yes, OK, let's go with that and see if anyone calls us out.)


Also in Episode 11:


++ ALL NEW EX EX EX EXCLUSIVE material from The Doyouinverts! 


++ News on OLL's half-hearted Resonance co


++ A robot comedian


Also music from Copy, L-Tron and Electric Children.


Tickets are now SOLD OUT for the preview show at The Blue Posts on the 23rd. If you want to attend your best shot is to email the address in the show and we'll put you on a waiting list. If you turn up we'll do our best to squeeze you in the room but no guarantees. You can totally drink with us afterwards, though. 


Please do add us on Twitter, tell people about the show and generally perform the services of the marketing budget we wish we had. 


OH. And send us letters! We love your letters.


See you next Monday,


Team OLL




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