One Life Left's Podcast

Let's put videogames to one side for a moment, as if we didn't do that enough already. With under four weeks to go until the One Life Left team's latest public humiliation it's time to get serious. About comedy. 


With that in mind, please welcome Radio 4 comedy producer and very special guest Tilusha to the studio.




++ Videogame features, including Derek Williams!


++ Chiptune music, including tracks by IAYD and Massive Until Morning!


++ Reviews, previews and general gossip.


If that seems vague that's because we recorded this six days ago and every word I type here is another moment this isn't being podcast. SORRY.


Email us some letters. Book tickets for our preview show on the 23rd in London. Add us on Twitter. Do all those kinds of things! Yes! And again, sorry for the podcast delay, we were too busy negotiating a new contract with Resonance. We're demanding a shed! They're demanding professionalism. We'll work something out.

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