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Excuse the brevity, lateness and general incompetence, but we're Writing this in a hotel four hours before we go on stage for One Laugh Left. So we sort of have other things on our mind. E.g. Being funny / avoiding bottles.



In this episode:


++ Nigel Taylor, who is anything but nasty, joins us to talk about stand-up comedy, how it goes write and how ours could go wrong


++ Other things that we can't remember right now


There was no episode this week because we were too busy 'preparing' for tonight, so apologies for that too. We'll all be back on Monday though and you'll be able to find out what happened (though we're sure you'll have heard about that on our Twitter, anyway) (if you're not following us, why not?).


Wish us luck, Team OLL-ers,


Ste, Simon and Ann


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As One Life Left moves closer to its videogame stand-up comedy debut, the team are joined by Actual Real Life Comic Catie Wilkins, who explains to the team what being on stage under pressure to be funny is really like. Turns out it's genuinely no laughing matter.


Ulp. Also this episode (which is the last before the team lose the right to call themselves OFFICIAL BEST BROADCASTERS, incidentally):


++ Poetry from Craig The Rage, new music from the doyouinverts, Derek Williams issues some wisdom from his market stall and Dr Avatar receives another patient


++ Lots of Twitter jokes and Ann receives a suggestion for a feature from a listener. More letters, please, to


++ News, gossip and reviews. Ste reviews Solitaire again. IT HAS BEEN A DIFFICULT WEEK


Music this episode from minusbaby, downstate and Daemon Hatfield.


Join us next Monday (or Thursday for the podcast) when we'll be joined by another comical studio guest. Write and tweet in the meantime. Oh, and if you do something PARTICULARLY nice / helpful we'll add you to our One Life Left Twitter Listeners list, which is a terribly desirable badge of honour, right?


See you soon!


Team OLL xxx

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No special studio guest this episode which means the One Life Left team can forgo politeness and professionalism and just be themselves. What does THAT mean? Pointless pop culture chat, fractious behaviour and the smallest bits of videogame gossip / insight, apparently. It's episode 11!




(Insight? Yes, OK, let's go with that and see if anyone calls us out.)


Also in Episode 11:


++ ALL NEW EX EX EX EXCLUSIVE material from The Doyouinverts! 


++ News on OLL's half-hearted Resonance co


++ A robot comedian


Also music from Copy, L-Tron and Electric Children.


Tickets are now SOLD OUT for the preview show at The Blue Posts on the 23rd. If you want to attend your best shot is to email the address in the show and we'll put you on a waiting list. If you turn up we'll do our best to squeeze you in the room but no guarantees. You can totally drink with us afterwards, though. 


Please do add us on Twitter, tell people about the show and generally perform the services of the marketing budget we wish we had. 


OH. And send us letters! We love your letters.


See you next Monday,


Team OLL




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Let's put videogames to one side for a moment, as if we didn't do that enough already. With under four weeks to go until the One Life Left team's latest public humiliation it's time to get serious. About comedy. 


With that in mind, please welcome Radio 4 comedy producer and very special guest Tilusha to the studio.




++ Videogame features, including Derek Williams!


++ Chiptune music, including tracks by IAYD and Massive Until Morning!


++ Reviews, previews and general gossip.


If that seems vague that's because we recorded this six days ago and every word I type here is another moment this isn't being podcast. SORRY.


Email us some letters. Book tickets for our preview show on the 23rd in London. Add us on Twitter. Do all those kinds of things! Yes! And again, sorry for the podcast delay, we were too busy negotiating a new contract with Resonance. We're demanding a shed! They're demanding professionalism. We'll work something out.

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