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Stop us if you've heard this one before, but musical guests are like buses. You don't have one for 128 episodes and then two come along at once. What? You've heard if before? And it doesn't really work as a joke? Oh God.



No worries, still plenty of time. 


On this week's show:


++ One Life Left welcomes 8-bit superstars Sabrepulse and Natty to the studio. They chat! They bleep! They play the hits!


++ One Life Left announces a SECRET SPECIAL EVENT for London listeners (or those dedicated / foolish enough to travel down on the 23rd). Listen for details.


++ One Life Left talks about cricket.


Musical contributions include little's scale's brilliant Bitshifter cover, The Rapids by Fighter X and our studio guests. Share and enjoy.


See you Monday, live on 104.4 FM or podcast later in the week. Add us on Twitter! We'll tell you all our secrets, promise. 


Ste, Simon and Ann


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In which, with their comedy gig still far enough away for the whole thing to seem funny, the team are joined by Curve Studios' Ed Fear for the usual mix of somewhat game-related stuff and nonsense.



Also in this episode:


++ Ann 'interrogates' Ed to find out some exclusive game news for the show


++ The return of Ann Art and all the sketchiness that entails


++ A brilliant new feature and instructions for audience participation


Music from the fabulous Henry Homesweet, Apricorn and Shirobon. 


Add us on Twitter / Facebook and try to listen to the live show later today (Monday) on 104.4FM in London or elsewhere -- will try and get the podcast up earlier this week, too. Honestly.


Team OLL


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Team OLL are back from their summer holiday in Cologne. What happened? How are preparations for the One Laugh Left comedy night going? And has Ann managed to Get Vaizey? Find out here!




Also in this episode:


++ Ste considers the 3DS, remains confused


++ Derek considers the length of games, remains unsure


++ Craig the Rage considers you, remains sexy


Music in this episode from 4mat, Smiletron and Euan Lynn. 


Send us letters, stalk us on Twitter. Apologies for the podcasting delay and we'll see you Monday evening 7pm on Resonance 104.4FM or later in the week right here.



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