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"No Future!" sang some pop group, once, and maybe they were singing about OLL #124, where's News Editor Duncan Geere joins the team to talk about what happens next. What happens next? The same thing as last time, apparently, but in 3D!!!!! OMG.


Also on #124:


++ Ste begins the show in a bit of a mood and talks about videogames far too much


++ Ann promises to do an Ann Art for next week. You might have to remind her


++ Simon holds OLL's first ever live Twitter competition. You really should be following us


Music from Device, Coda + Cancel and -- apparently -- "Ant1", although I'm still struggling with that. All help appreciated.


You can also help us out by:


Telling you friends

Posting on forums

Following and tweeting about us

Sending us things in the post

Behaving pleasantly on public transport


See you on Monday!


Team OLL


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One Life Left -- s06e03 -- #123 -- Gossip Boys

This episode we're joined by Gamesbrief's Nicholas Lovell, who has just written a book on How To Publish A Game. Intrigued? Intimidated? Don't worry; highbrow discussion falls to lowbrow gossip pretty soon, including one especially salacious item involving Mark 'Unreal' Rein and a baby.


Also in episode #123, which we really should have done something special for but we didn't remember:


++ Ann learns something about Hello Games


++ Simon instigates a new Listener Recruitment Programme


++ Ste (eventually) recalls how alcohol brought about what might be the worst decision in One Life Left's history


Talking of which, Simon's at Nottingham Game City nights tomorrow, so if you have a moment go and see him.


Music in #123 from Anamanaguchi, Smiletron and Grilly. Please do tell your friends / blogs / followers / whatevers about One Life Left, because we depend on word of mouth for warmth and comfort. We'll be back live on Monday at 7pm, or you can wait for the podcast to come out on Thursday. 


See you then.


Team OLL 


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With ex-ex-exclusives galore and freelance journalist Daniel Nye as our first guest of the season, Episode Two is the hottest show we've recorded for a long time. Literally, not figuratively; it's like a sauna in the Resonance FM studio, and every bit as sexy.


ie Not at all. Still, the episode features:


++ Ann making a good joke


++ The unresolved introduction of a David Soul LP*


++ Daniel's (doomed, but completely noble) efforts to try and engage Ste and Simon with intellectual games chat


Music from Little Scale, .hnz and Fighter X. 


Email us: or follow us on Twitter (@onelifeleft). Letters totally appreciated (perhaps we need a weekly topic -- maybe the topic this week should be 'what should our weekly topic be?'). Would be contributors can pitch ideas to that address too, we're always listening.


See you next Monday (or Thursday for the podcaster listeners).



Ste, Simon and Ann


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One Life Left -- s06e01 -- #121 -- False Starts

Hello. We're back.


Discussed in Episode 1 of Season 6:


++ Where we've been


++ What we're going to do next


++ Videogames (a bit)


Wanted for Episode 2:


++ Letters about anything (to team@onelifeleft)


++ Suggestions for things to do at Nottingham GameCity


++ People to tell people about us, because we've been away



Excellent music this episode from the brilliant Knuckle Joe and Downstate. 


Oh, and hi. It's good to be back. We're sorry it has been so long. If you enjoy One Life Left, please let people know because we rely on word of mouth for listener figures, which are currently at zero. We're back properly now for the forseeable future (we cannot see further than 23 weeks ahead) so we'll see you next week. 


In the meantime, follow us on twitter at @onelifeleft (you can follow our individual accounts at @steishere, @scanters and @byronicman if you want more personal nonsense). 


See you!


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