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Half-Minute Hero News #3

It's the third of our Half-Minute Hero news "bites". If enough of you request, we'll issue the last line at normal speed, so you can set it as your ringtone. Enjoy!

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Half-Minute Hero News #2

Bong! It's the familiar chime of news, but in an unfamiliar setting: welcome to Half-Minute Hero news number two. Five stories, delivered at breathtaking speed, but with the sort of rubbish jokes you've come to if not love then certainly expect. Tune in same time, same day next week as our journey to newsmageddon continues. See you!

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Half-Minute Hero News #1

Hello! And welcome to the first of four bite-size news features, crafted in celebration of Half-Minute Hero as we try to cram the week's news into 30 seconds. We fail. These podcasts are available on the Rising Star Games Hoshi website (http.//, but delivered to OLL iTunes subscribers as a special treat for the ears. Enjoy!

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One Life Left -- s05e24 -- #120 -- No Chickens

So this is it, then, the final episode of our award-winning fifth season. We all knew it was coming, especially Ann, who can count. Sing along to the theme, grab a handkerchief, say your goodbyes: it's going to be emotional, that's for sure. 


In episode #120 of San Antonio's favourite videogame radio show:

++ Figuratively billions of features from all our favourite contributors, including special season-closing songs from Derek Williams and The Doyouinverts

++ Steven Poole reveals the three rules every good troll must follow

++ Season 5 ends :(

But don't worry, because we'll be back soon. There'll be bits and bobs on the podcast feed in the meantime, and do keep listening to Resonance because it's excellent. We'll see you in March. Bango!

Team OLL 

PS: Music on #120 was from the brilliant little scale and Derris-Kharlan. Find them, like so much of the music we play, at 

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