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One Life Left -- s05e23 -- #119 -- Deaf Jam


It's the penultimate episode of Season 5. That comes right before the Ultimate episode of Season 5, which means, as a warm-up act, this One Life Left has quite a lot to do. Does it do it? Find out inside. 


Also in #119:


++ Two guests -- an OLL veteran, and an OLL newcomer


++ News on Ste's contribution to the Global Game Jam 2010


++ And Craig The Rage returns, albeit in a slightly muted form


In fact, sorry about the overall sound quality today, which is partly because we didn't soundcheck, but mostly down to a problem with the Resonance recording device thingy. And sorry for the delay. There was an actual power cut while I was uploading last night. I have never had a power cut before. Funny how these things happen just as Eurogamer start a podcast, isn't it?



Music on #119:


4Mat - Matryoshka

Smiletron - BRKtime


See you next week!


Team OLL xxx


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One Life Left -- s05e22 -- #118 -- Framing It Coming up on this week's description of this week's One Life Left: a hastily written paragraph describing the content of episode #118 of Africa's favourite gaming radio show*. Apologies this is somewhat late. Will explain on the show next week (it's nothing really exciting, just something else Ste's been working on). Episode one hundred and eighteen of One Life Left features the following content: ++ Reviews Editor Taliah, who recently turned nine, discussing boyfriends ++ Our consider response to Eurogamer's new podcast ++ Lots of framing, just like this See you next week. (Still looking for a web designer / webmaster. Enquiries to the show's address, please.) Team OLL xx *Possibly.
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One Life Left -- s05e21 -- #117 -- Ribs Out One Life Left returns! New episode! New decade! New resolutions, to be polite and professional and considerate to copresenters, broken straight away! Happy New Year! It's 2010 and hey, we live in the future. A future where: ++ Halo appears on the PS3, ++ It's acceptable to discuss the abilities of Ron Jeremy on a videogame radio show, ++ and Music videos featuring rain are always the best. The future, ladies and gentlemen, is now. Apparently our shows are going to be in the national radio archives or some such now. Our ancestors are going to be mortified. Music on #117: Spoon by Coda, Helium Stare by Downstate and The World Can't End Today, It's Already Tomorrow In Australia by Rhodo4. See you next week! Team OLL xx
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