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It's the final show of 2010! A time to draw upon everything we've learnt this year and celebrate what a great / terrible year it's been for videogames (which? Help us out). A time, too, to reflect on our personal triumphs and disasters and to produce one more: former or latter, it's One Life Left #138.




In this Episode (which has far more to do with parties than games):


++ Ste and Simon return from three days of drinking at All Tomorrows Parties, stumbling croak-voiced through the episode, guided by Ann and her celebratory mince pies


++ Simon interviews Edgar Wright! That is actually true. The mince pies thing is true too, but still.


++ Ann recalls the best news stories of the year and invents a new party game to do with numbers! She genuinely saves this episode. 


Good on her. And good on you, too, for listening to us in 2010. We've had a wonderful time and are totally grateful for all your letters, tweets, comments and downloads. We'll thank you properly at our CHRISTMAS PARTY, which is this Saturday in London. Please come. Facebook link is here:


We'll see you there. Happy Christmas, New Year and everything else,


Ste, Simon and Ann


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The call back, a popular comedic device the team learnt about while studying for their sets at Nottingham Game City, involves 'calling back' to a subject you've already discussed with the audience. Howzat relevant? Because, with their videogame standup out of the way, the team can concentrate on something else they don't know how to do. Cricket!



More call backs in Episode #136:


++ The thorny issue of the lateness of the podcast pops up again. At least it's out in the same week this time. Sorry, listener(s).


++ Once again we claim we're going to riff on something AND NEVER DO. I think we must have done that at least a dozen times across the last five years. Still, at least it gives you something to write in about, right?


++ We also threw a fake rock-star-style hissy fit at Resonance before the show started because The Bike Show was hosting a live caller and we like to pretend they get treated better than we do. Which frankly they probably should, but that's not the point, because they don't. So that's sort of to do with calling... Back... too?


That's it. Music on the show from Ultrasyd, Danimal Cannon and pk! pk! No show next week, but do write us letters, send us things and play up, play up and play the game.




Team OLL


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No time for explanation as we're rushing out RIGHT THIS MOMENT to record episode 17, which says more about our scheduling than it does about the quality of this episode of One Life Left. Sorry! It's full of stuff about games except mostly not about games, although there really is some stuff about games this time.



++ Ste talks about Game Connection at Lyon

++ Simon talks about X Factor

++ Ann talks. Just generally, she talks

The name of the episode implies we would like you to send us post. That is still true. We would also like you to come to our Christmas Party. Invite inside the show, or on Facebook, or on our Twitter, etc.

Come to our Christmas Party!


Team OLL


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After last week's chastening / celebratory debacle, a humbled team return determined to do justice to the One Life Left 'brand'. That means a mix of videogame chat, friendly sniping and a very special gaming guest. We're number one! Well, he is.



Who? Miles Jacobsen, Footballer Manager's gaffer, who gives some inspirational team talk, tells us how we can kill PC gaming and, typically, attempts to flaunt our review policy. 




++ Reviews, news, gossip and EXCLUSIVE information about the seque


++ Information about the One Life Left Christmas Party (17th December!)


++ A brilliant new track by the doyouinverts


One Life Left will be away next Monday (Ste's in Lyon) but back the week after when we'll have more information about the party and all kinds of other stuff. We're sure. We haven't exactly worked it out yet. Ten days is AGES away.


In the meantime, email us, say hi on Twitter, spread the word about the show and we'll add you to our special LOYAL LISTENER lists, etc.


love you,


Team OLL


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With their commitments clear for the forseeable future, the demob-happy One Life Left team collectively exhale. For an hour. Injokes, indulgence and intermittent attempts at professionalism, it's an episode that almost never was and probably shouldn't be. Hm. 



Srsly. We almost didn't podcast this; it was going to be a 'lost episode' that the publishers would release long after we'd split up in an attempt to cash in on Simon's notoriety. The other option was to put it up as late in the day as possible, ie on the Monday of the next episode, which is what's happening.


Please find enclosed one episode of One Life Left, featuring Leo Tan, some amazing music, excellent contributions from Derek and Duncan, and us. Being idiots.


Tune in to Resonance 104.4FM tonight at 7pm to hear a better one. Promise.


Team OLL


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Excuse the brevity, lateness and general incompetence, but we're Writing this in a hotel four hours before we go on stage for One Laugh Left. So we sort of have other things on our mind. E.g. Being funny / avoiding bottles.



In this episode:


++ Nigel Taylor, who is anything but nasty, joins us to talk about stand-up comedy, how it goes write and how ours could go wrong


++ Other things that we can't remember right now


There was no episode this week because we were too busy 'preparing' for tonight, so apologies for that too. We'll all be back on Monday though and you'll be able to find out what happened (though we're sure you'll have heard about that on our Twitter, anyway) (if you're not following us, why not?).


Wish us luck, Team OLL-ers,


Ste, Simon and Ann


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As One Life Left moves closer to its videogame stand-up comedy debut, the team are joined by Actual Real Life Comic Catie Wilkins, who explains to the team what being on stage under pressure to be funny is really like. Turns out it's genuinely no laughing matter.


Ulp. Also this episode (which is the last before the team lose the right to call themselves OFFICIAL BEST BROADCASTERS, incidentally):


++ Poetry from Craig The Rage, new music from the doyouinverts, Derek Williams issues some wisdom from his market stall and Dr Avatar receives another patient


++ Lots of Twitter jokes and Ann receives a suggestion for a feature from a listener. More letters, please, to


++ News, gossip and reviews. Ste reviews Solitaire again. IT HAS BEEN A DIFFICULT WEEK


Music this episode from minusbaby, downstate and Daemon Hatfield.


Join us next Monday (or Thursday for the podcast) when we'll be joined by another comical studio guest. Write and tweet in the meantime. Oh, and if you do something PARTICULARLY nice / helpful we'll add you to our One Life Left Twitter Listeners list, which is a terribly desirable badge of honour, right?


See you soon!


Team OLL xxx

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No special studio guest this episode which means the One Life Left team can forgo politeness and professionalism and just be themselves. What does THAT mean? Pointless pop culture chat, fractious behaviour and the smallest bits of videogame gossip / insight, apparently. It's episode 11!




(Insight? Yes, OK, let's go with that and see if anyone calls us out.)


Also in Episode 11:


++ ALL NEW EX EX EX EXCLUSIVE material from The Doyouinverts! 


++ News on OLL's half-hearted Resonance co


++ A robot comedian


Also music from Copy, L-Tron and Electric Children.


Tickets are now SOLD OUT for the preview show at The Blue Posts on the 23rd. If you want to attend your best shot is to email the address in the show and we'll put you on a waiting list. If you turn up we'll do our best to squeeze you in the room but no guarantees. You can totally drink with us afterwards, though. 


Please do add us on Twitter, tell people about the show and generally perform the services of the marketing budget we wish we had. 


OH. And send us letters! We love your letters.


See you next Monday,


Team OLL




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Let's put videogames to one side for a moment, as if we didn't do that enough already. With under four weeks to go until the One Life Left team's latest public humiliation it's time to get serious. About comedy. 


With that in mind, please welcome Radio 4 comedy producer and very special guest Tilusha to the studio.




++ Videogame features, including Derek Williams!


++ Chiptune music, including tracks by IAYD and Massive Until Morning!


++ Reviews, previews and general gossip.


If that seems vague that's because we recorded this six days ago and every word I type here is another moment this isn't being podcast. SORRY.


Email us some letters. Book tickets for our preview show on the 23rd in London. Add us on Twitter. Do all those kinds of things! Yes! And again, sorry for the podcast delay, we were too busy negotiating a new contract with Resonance. We're demanding a shed! They're demanding professionalism. We'll work something out.

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Stop us if you've heard this one before, but musical guests are like buses. You don't have one for 128 episodes and then two come along at once. What? You've heard if before? And it doesn't really work as a joke? Oh God.



No worries, still plenty of time. 


On this week's show:


++ One Life Left welcomes 8-bit superstars Sabrepulse and Natty to the studio. They chat! They bleep! They play the hits!


++ One Life Left announces a SECRET SPECIAL EVENT for London listeners (or those dedicated / foolish enough to travel down on the 23rd). Listen for details.


++ One Life Left talks about cricket.


Musical contributions include little's scale's brilliant Bitshifter cover, The Rapids by Fighter X and our studio guests. Share and enjoy.


See you Monday, live on 104.4 FM or podcast later in the week. Add us on Twitter! We'll tell you all our secrets, promise. 


Ste, Simon and Ann


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In which, with their comedy gig still far enough away for the whole thing to seem funny, the team are joined by Curve Studios' Ed Fear for the usual mix of somewhat game-related stuff and nonsense.



Also in this episode:


++ Ann 'interrogates' Ed to find out some exclusive game news for the show


++ The return of Ann Art and all the sketchiness that entails


++ A brilliant new feature and instructions for audience participation


Music from the fabulous Henry Homesweet, Apricorn and Shirobon. 


Add us on Twitter / Facebook and try to listen to the live show later today (Monday) on 104.4FM in London or elsewhere -- will try and get the podcast up earlier this week, too. Honestly.


Team OLL


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Team OLL are back from their summer holiday in Cologne. What happened? How are preparations for the One Laugh Left comedy night going? And has Ann managed to Get Vaizey? Find out here!




Also in this episode:


++ Ste considers the 3DS, remains confused


++ Derek considers the length of games, remains unsure


++ Craig the Rage considers you, remains sexy


Music in this episode from 4mat, Smiletron and Euan Lynn. 


Send us letters, stalk us on Twitter. Apologies for the podcasting delay and we'll see you Monday evening 7pm on Resonance 104.4FM or later in the week right here.



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Knock knock! Who's there? It's the One Life Left team, doing some early groundwork for their One Laugh Left comedy evening at Nottingham! The One Life Left team who? Exactly.




Don't worry, it gets better. A bit better.


Also in this episode: no, actually no idea about that, either. Since we recorded it a few weeks ago and it has been SOME TIME, you'll have to find out yourself and please, please accept my huge apologies this is late. First there was the whole ankle thing (possibly explained in this episode, I forget) and then our host was being all not-worky.


Ignore the warnings at the end of the show because they're out of date now. We will be back for real (and on a normal schedule) from next Monday. Letters, tweets and features to the usual address, please.


Ste + Team OLL


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You can tell there's a problem from the very start. Only five episodes into the new season and the team have reverted to the old theme. Something's gone wrong. But what? Or who? And what happens next?


Find out in this week's exciting episode of (sometimes partially) videogame radio show One Life Left.


Also in #125:


++ A barely-thought-through pitch for a videogame is made and softly rejected


++ A challenge is set for next week's OLL (and there's a theme for the letter's section too)


++ It's difficult to remember, really. It was all a bit frantic


Music this episode from J8b!t and DEADBEATBLAST. And AN Other, too. Any help?


One Life Left is at The Big Chill this Saturday. I know, we're surprised, too. Find us at the Swap Meet area on the Friday and Saturday. 


As usual, follow us on Twitter, tell your friends, subscribe to the podcast and email us.


See you Monday for the last OLL for a few weeks.


Team OLL


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"No Future!" sang some pop group, once, and maybe they were singing about OLL #124, where's News Editor Duncan Geere joins the team to talk about what happens next. What happens next? The same thing as last time, apparently, but in 3D!!!!! OMG.


Also on #124:


++ Ste begins the show in a bit of a mood and talks about videogames far too much


++ Ann promises to do an Ann Art for next week. You might have to remind her


++ Simon holds OLL's first ever live Twitter competition. You really should be following us


Music from Device, Coda + Cancel and -- apparently -- "Ant1", although I'm still struggling with that. All help appreciated.


You can also help us out by:


Telling you friends

Posting on forums

Following and tweeting about us

Sending us things in the post

Behaving pleasantly on public transport


See you on Monday!


Team OLL


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One Life Left -- s06e03 -- #123 -- Gossip Boys

This episode we're joined by Gamesbrief's Nicholas Lovell, who has just written a book on How To Publish A Game. Intrigued? Intimidated? Don't worry; highbrow discussion falls to lowbrow gossip pretty soon, including one especially salacious item involving Mark 'Unreal' Rein and a baby.


Also in episode #123, which we really should have done something special for but we didn't remember:


++ Ann learns something about Hello Games


++ Simon instigates a new Listener Recruitment Programme


++ Ste (eventually) recalls how alcohol brought about what might be the worst decision in One Life Left's history


Talking of which, Simon's at Nottingham Game City nights tomorrow, so if you have a moment go and see him.


Music in #123 from Anamanaguchi, Smiletron and Grilly. Please do tell your friends / blogs / followers / whatevers about One Life Left, because we depend on word of mouth for warmth and comfort. We'll be back live on Monday at 7pm, or you can wait for the podcast to come out on Thursday. 


See you then.


Team OLL 


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With ex-ex-exclusives galore and freelance journalist Daniel Nye as our first guest of the season, Episode Two is the hottest show we've recorded for a long time. Literally, not figuratively; it's like a sauna in the Resonance FM studio, and every bit as sexy.


ie Not at all. Still, the episode features:


++ Ann making a good joke


++ The unresolved introduction of a David Soul LP*


++ Daniel's (doomed, but completely noble) efforts to try and engage Ste and Simon with intellectual games chat


Music from Little Scale, .hnz and Fighter X. 


Email us: or follow us on Twitter (@onelifeleft). Letters totally appreciated (perhaps we need a weekly topic -- maybe the topic this week should be 'what should our weekly topic be?'). Would be contributors can pitch ideas to that address too, we're always listening.


See you next Monday (or Thursday for the podcaster listeners).



Ste, Simon and Ann


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One Life Left -- s06e01 -- #121 -- False Starts

Hello. We're back.


Discussed in Episode 1 of Season 6:


++ Where we've been


++ What we're going to do next


++ Videogames (a bit)


Wanted for Episode 2:


++ Letters about anything (to team@onelifeleft)


++ Suggestions for things to do at Nottingham GameCity


++ People to tell people about us, because we've been away



Excellent music this episode from the brilliant Knuckle Joe and Downstate. 


Oh, and hi. It's good to be back. We're sorry it has been so long. If you enjoy One Life Left, please let people know because we rely on word of mouth for listener figures, which are currently at zero. We're back properly now for the forseeable future (we cannot see further than 23 weeks ahead) so we'll see you next week. 


In the meantime, follow us on twitter at @onelifeleft (you can follow our individual accounts at @steishere, @scanters and @byronicman if you want more personal nonsense). 


See you!


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Half-Minute Hero News #4

It's the last of our Half-Minute Hero-inspired news sections. Five stories, super-fast: it's everything you need to know about the last seven days of gaming. Although one is already out of date. Curse this modern world. But enjoy!

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Half-Minute Hero News #3

It's the third of our Half-Minute Hero news "bites". If enough of you request, we'll issue the last line at normal speed, so you can set it as your ringtone. Enjoy!

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Half-Minute Hero News #2

Bong! It's the familiar chime of news, but in an unfamiliar setting: welcome to Half-Minute Hero news number two. Five stories, delivered at breathtaking speed, but with the sort of rubbish jokes you've come to if not love then certainly expect. Tune in same time, same day next week as our journey to newsmageddon continues. See you!

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Half-Minute Hero News #1

Hello! And welcome to the first of four bite-size news features, crafted in celebration of Half-Minute Hero as we try to cram the week's news into 30 seconds. We fail. These podcasts are available on the Rising Star Games Hoshi website (http.//, but delivered to OLL iTunes subscribers as a special treat for the ears. Enjoy!

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One Life Left -- s05e24 -- #120 -- No Chickens

So this is it, then, the final episode of our award-winning fifth season. We all knew it was coming, especially Ann, who can count. Sing along to the theme, grab a handkerchief, say your goodbyes: it's going to be emotional, that's for sure. 


In episode #120 of San Antonio's favourite videogame radio show:

++ Figuratively billions of features from all our favourite contributors, including special season-closing songs from Derek Williams and The Doyouinverts

++ Steven Poole reveals the three rules every good troll must follow

++ Season 5 ends :(

But don't worry, because we'll be back soon. There'll be bits and bobs on the podcast feed in the meantime, and do keep listening to Resonance because it's excellent. We'll see you in March. Bango!

Team OLL 

PS: Music on #120 was from the brilliant little scale and Derris-Kharlan. Find them, like so much of the music we play, at 

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One Life Left -- s05e23 -- #119 -- Deaf Jam


It's the penultimate episode of Season 5. That comes right before the Ultimate episode of Season 5, which means, as a warm-up act, this One Life Left has quite a lot to do. Does it do it? Find out inside. 


Also in #119:


++ Two guests -- an OLL veteran, and an OLL newcomer


++ News on Ste's contribution to the Global Game Jam 2010


++ And Craig The Rage returns, albeit in a slightly muted form


In fact, sorry about the overall sound quality today, which is partly because we didn't soundcheck, but mostly down to a problem with the Resonance recording device thingy. And sorry for the delay. There was an actual power cut while I was uploading last night. I have never had a power cut before. Funny how these things happen just as Eurogamer start a podcast, isn't it?



Music on #119:


4Mat - Matryoshka

Smiletron - BRKtime


See you next week!


Team OLL xxx


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One Life Left -- s05e22 -- #118 -- Framing It Coming up on this week's description of this week's One Life Left: a hastily written paragraph describing the content of episode #118 of Africa's favourite gaming radio show*. Apologies this is somewhat late. Will explain on the show next week (it's nothing really exciting, just something else Ste's been working on). Episode one hundred and eighteen of One Life Left features the following content: ++ Reviews Editor Taliah, who recently turned nine, discussing boyfriends ++ Our consider response to Eurogamer's new podcast ++ Lots of framing, just like this See you next week. (Still looking for a web designer / webmaster. Enquiries to the show's address, please.) Team OLL xx *Possibly.
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One Life Left -- s05e21 -- #117 -- Ribs Out One Life Left returns! New episode! New decade! New resolutions, to be polite and professional and considerate to copresenters, broken straight away! Happy New Year! It's 2010 and hey, we live in the future. A future where: ++ Halo appears on the PS3, ++ It's acceptable to discuss the abilities of Ron Jeremy on a videogame radio show, ++ and Music videos featuring rain are always the best. The future, ladies and gentlemen, is now. Apparently our shows are going to be in the national radio archives or some such now. Our ancestors are going to be mortified. Music on #117: Spoon by Coda, Helium Stare by Downstate and The World Can't End Today, It's Already Tomorrow In Australia by Rhodo4. See you next week! Team OLL xx
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