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One Life Left -- s05e14 -- #110 -- Boys Own Back in the studio after a midweek adventure to Nottingham GameCity. What happened? Who's missing? Was there an after party? And what happens next? Find out in this week's episode of One Life Left. Oh, and we talk about videogames, too. In #110: -- Nottingham GameCity postmortem, ie seven minutes of black holes and revelations. -- Why Ann's excited about being under 30 -- A grasping, fruitless search for the right word to describe all-male elf-on-elf action (suggestions?) Also reviews, features, music and more. Music in #110: I bid Ye Farewell by AndyExpandy. Do feel free to add us to Twitter / on Facebook / email us (especially important) / call us / send us videogames etc. We'll be back next week with a full team and special guest. See you! 2/3 of Team OLL xx
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