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One Life Left -- s05e17 -- #113 -- Special Ish

One Life Left – S05e17 – #113 – Special ish


Ann: check. Simon: check. Super-special-guest Neil Long, editor Official Nintendo Magazine: c heck. Ste: ...


Yeah, dad’s away this week, so it’s happy fun party time at OLL Towers, with a special celebration in aid of the 50th issue of ONM, in “shops” now.


Bottles of Blue Nun are downed, cigarettes are smoked out through the toilet window and a couple are discovered upstairs amongst the coats. CALL YELLOW PAGES TO TIDY UP!


Aside from a record – and show – breaking two desk errors, it’s actually business as usual at One Life Left. There are only two songs, mind, so fans of The Killers will have to wait until next week, when we *think* Ste is off again.


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Bye! Bye! Bye!

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One Life Left -- s05e16 -- #112 -- On the Fence Lesser radio shows might think twice about podcasting an regretful hour of bickering, giggling and general idiocy (factual AND behavioural). But One Life Left sees it as an opportunity: this week’s mistake is next week’s hour long apology. Onwards! Also : ++ First details of the Christmas Party, which is on Friday 18th December in London. PLEASE COME. We have a venue and booze and everything ++ Microsoft’s Dan Maher neatly dances past all kinds of journalistic traps set by the cocksure One Life Left ex-ex-exclusive hunting team ++ One Life Left, you’re stupid! Farmville wasn’t made by PlayFish. Please write in and tell us that some more. You know the address Two covers for music this episode: Hot ‘n Cold [Katy Perry] – Mudkipz The Fear [Lily Allen] – Bit the Medusa Ste is away for a week taking a partially-earned holiday , but Simon and Ann will be back next week, presumably with the apologies music on a loop. See you then! Team OLL xxx
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One Life Left -- s05e15 -- #111 -- Biology and History Warning: the following episode of One Life Left contains Biological / Historical terms some people may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised. As a dedicated listener to One Life Left you'll know we often go to great lengths to secure exclusives. In this case not just by having two Nintendo representatives as special guests on the show (Wii HD confirmed???) but by going back in time and getting Ste to Creatively Direct a game that's just been announced for Xbox Live and allowing Ann to give ask him ex-ex-exclusively about it. What game? Chime. Chime is the first game from One Big Game, a charity initiative led by tall, handsome ex-Guerilla guy Martin de Ronde. The idea is that a developer donates a game and some production time, is backed by donations from whatever other organisations publishing that game would require (QA, audio support, and so on) and all the proceeds from sales of the game go to charity. In this case the developer is Zoe Mode, the games studio where Ste is Creative Director. This week Ste had to do interviews with the press which left him a bit rattled by misquotes and even worse) misnaming. You could call it karma; Simon and Ann call it AMMUNITION. Also in One Life Left One One One: ++ Rob and Rob from Nintendo chat about new Mario, new Zelda and the Wii's virginity ++ OLL are generally furious at Activision for not getting invited to the Modern Warfare 2 party ++ Ann doesn't seem like herself. She's probably distracted by the play she's in at the moment, right? Music (uncredited in the show thanks to incompetence, genuine apologies): The Grand Scheme bu RushJet1 French Whores by misfitchris See you next week! Team OLL xxx
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One Life Left -- s05e14 -- #110 -- Boys Own Back in the studio after a midweek adventure to Nottingham GameCity. What happened? Who's missing? Was there an after party? And what happens next? Find out in this week's episode of One Life Left. Oh, and we talk about videogames, too. In #110: -- Nottingham GameCity postmortem, ie seven minutes of black holes and revelations. -- Why Ann's excited about being under 30 -- A grasping, fruitless search for the right word to describe all-male elf-on-elf action (suggestions?) Also reviews, features, music and more. Music in #110: I bid Ye Farewell by AndyExpandy. Do feel free to add us to Twitter / on Facebook / email us (especially important) / call us / send us videogames etc. We'll be back next week with a full team and special guest. See you! 2/3 of Team OLL xx
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