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One Life Left -- s05e12 -- #108 -- Words and Awards We went to the Games Media Awards. We took enthusiasm, mischief and pocket-sized bottles of vodka to spike our drinks. We were fifteen again and primed for trouble. And then...

No spoilers, obviously. No expectations, right? Also:

+ Mark Ward of Warner Bros pops in to talk about words, awards and Scribblenauts with Ann, with some success and many yelps of delight

+ Breaking news of the Craig the Rage project we've hinted at for a while and how you, yes you, can acquire it

+ Taliah makes her One Life Left comeback and brings a friend.

Music on #108:

Italo Night by YERZMYEY
All I Want (Unicorn Kid Cover) by Superspink!

I promised a new doyouinverts track on Twitter but that last-minute Craig news pushed it out of the show. It'll be on next week. Which will be our last show before AMAZING TIMES at Nottingham GameCity. See you there!
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