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One Life Left -- s05e11 -- #107 -- Superstar DJs One Life Left -- s05e11 -- #107 -- Superstar DJs

Superstars? Has the whole three-time award-nominees thing finally got to Team OLL? Not really; the superstars in #107 are in a special interview segment and the DJ part is to do with OLL's even at Nottingham Game City...

What else? Lots else, including:

* Simon does a little bit of spot character assassination on our GMA competitors

* Ann doesn't know how piracy works

* Ste forgets to record the show, hence the late podcast

Talking of the podcast, those of you who aren't subscribed on iTunes or on our Libsyn RSS feed won't have heard Ann Life Left (or the BAFTA special we put our last week). You should sort that out immediately because it's brilliant.

As mentioned at the top news of One Night Left, OLL's amazing event at Nottingham GameCity has leaked (courtesy of a huge poster in Nottingham and observant OLL listener Beth). We talk about it on the show and there'll be more info here later but please, keep the evening of the 30th free. It's going to be amazing.

Music on #107: Hiroshi and MoxoM ft Smiletron.

See you next week, by which time, with any luck, we'll be three time award-disgracers. Follow that action on Twitter (onelifeleft / steishere / byronicman / scanters). Bye!

Team OLL
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