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One Life Left -- s05e10 -- #106 -- Show Offs We thought the show was off, you see. And then Ste put off his trip to the US by a week, Ann wasn't doing anything all that important, and, well, we're all show offs. So show on! Episode 106 contains the following unordered delights: ++ No Simon! Not that that's a treat, you understand, and we know you'll miss him terribly. But it's a major feature of this episode that's worth calling out for your attention. It's just Ann and Ste in the studio, no guests, no frills, plenty of rambling, several features and some music. Not as much music as we say at the start, but some nonetheless. ++ Those features include a brand new S.Minton track, Derek doing some minimal industrial economising this week, and the irrepressibly analytical Dr Avatar. No Taliah this week because Simon wanted to be around to 'explain'. Sinister. ++ A competition! I know! And the actual, genuine, honest-to-God One Life Left phone number which you can use to ACTUALLY, genuinely, honest-to-God phone us. So do that thing. Also news of next week's show which is going to be astonishing, a disaster or both. Music on #106: Something Happened When You Were Born by minusbaby and Olden Days by syphus. Do email us, add us on Twitter and most of all, tell your friends. There'll be special things going out for the next couple of weeks. We'll be back as a full team on the 12th October. See you then! Ste and Ann xx
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