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One Life Left -- s05e08 -- #104 -- Dream Cast You want dreams? Easy. Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little listener. No! Wait! Not now! Wait until the episode's finished at least. Come on. Wake up. This isn't... Oh, fair enough. But if you ARE still awake here are some of the things in episode #104 that might keep you that way. + Dave Green (I'm Dave Green!) returns to teach Ann the joys of the BBC Micro and to chat enthusiastically about some exciting events he's organizing + Ann ex-ex-exclusives her news a little by announcing a new Sony handheld device! Although we're still not sure she noticed she was doing it. Look for the story on Kotaku tomorrow AM. + Features: Derek's back, Science Officer considers giant crabs and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland takes on Noel Fielding. Who wins? No spoilers! Also letters, reviews (in which Ste startles himself by noticing just how contrary he is), music from Sabrepulse and Henry Homesweet, and lots of somewhat unprofessional giggling. We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy listening. We'll be back in a week. Probably. See you then! xxx
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