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One Life Left -- x07 -- Ann Life Left #1

Two boys down and one girl left. But wait, isn’t three the magic number? Thank goodness this isn’t Europe’s only FM broadcasting maths radio show. Sadly this is a videogame radio show/podcast, and the boys with the knowledge are in America. So, for one week only, Ann Life Left invites two female friends on to talk games(ish).


We discover some girls really don’t have the greatest gaming credentials.

We decide that doesn’t matter.

We do the games industry a favour and solve the Top 10 Worst Things About Games.


Also, pretty much the best music ever played on OLL this week, all from


Womanizer – omgben

Halo – Pirates with Paper Hats

Hot N Cold – Play it Loud

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Chalices of the Past

Umbrella – electronicMESS


Very special show next week, then back the week after with a regular show. What’s regular? I don’t think we know any more!


Ann + friends.


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One Life Left -- s05e10 -- #106 -- Show Offs We thought the show was off, you see. And then Ste put off his trip to the US by a week, Ann wasn't doing anything all that important, and, well, we're all show offs. So show on! Episode 106 contains the following unordered delights: ++ No Simon! Not that that's a treat, you understand, and we know you'll miss him terribly. But it's a major feature of this episode that's worth calling out for your attention. It's just Ann and Ste in the studio, no guests, no frills, plenty of rambling, several features and some music. Not as much music as we say at the start, but some nonetheless. ++ Those features include a brand new S.Minton track, Derek doing some minimal industrial economising this week, and the irrepressibly analytical Dr Avatar. No Taliah this week because Simon wanted to be around to 'explain'. Sinister. ++ A competition! I know! And the actual, genuine, honest-to-God One Life Left phone number which you can use to ACTUALLY, genuinely, honest-to-God phone us. So do that thing. Also news of next week's show which is going to be astonishing, a disaster or both. Music on #106: Something Happened When You Were Born by minusbaby and Olden Days by syphus. Do email us, add us on Twitter and most of all, tell your friends. There'll be special things going out for the next couple of weeks. We'll be back as a full team on the 12th October. See you then! Ste and Ann xx
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One Life Left -- s05e09 -- #105 -- Emergency Services Emergency Services because, like the rest of the world, this week OLL is talking about 999 and 911. What? No, we're not actually talking telephone numbers. We're discussing the dates that saved videoaming this week: Rock Band's 9/9/9 Beatlapocalypse and Guitar Hero 5's response on September 11th . That's right. Discussing. One Life Left #105 features that rarity for Europe's favourite / only videogame radio show, an actual serious discussion of videogames on the radio. We're just trying it out, don't be scared. Also in #105: + Lots of excellent features incuding Mathew Kumar's Best Worst Games, Dr Avatar's horrifying game injuries and the ever informative Week o' Wiki Wah Wah + Exclusive, if essentially sketchy, pre-information information on OLL's long-rumoured presence at Nottingham Game City + We finally reach the point where we can't even remember our own phone number Music in #105 is from, tracks specifically by Derris-Kharlan and Chipzel. We're away for another couple of weeks now (Simon and Ste have to go to the US, Ann has to stay home and look after the cat). In the meantime we hope to put up some secret stuff. Even if we don't, please do write, tweet and call. Assuming you can find the number. We couldn't. love, Team OLL xxx
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One Life Left -- s05e08 -- #104 -- Dream Cast You want dreams? Easy. Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little listener. No! Wait! Not now! Wait until the episode's finished at least. Come on. Wake up. This isn't... Oh, fair enough. But if you ARE still awake here are some of the things in episode #104 that might keep you that way. + Dave Green (I'm Dave Green!) returns to teach Ann the joys of the BBC Micro and to chat enthusiastically about some exciting events he's organizing + Ann ex-ex-exclusives her news a little by announcing a new Sony handheld device! Although we're still not sure she noticed she was doing it. Look for the story on Kotaku tomorrow AM. + Features: Derek's back, Science Officer considers giant crabs and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland takes on Noel Fielding. Who wins? No spoilers! Also letters, reviews (in which Ste startles himself by noticing just how contrary he is), music from Sabrepulse and Henry Homesweet, and lots of somewhat unprofessional giggling. We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy listening. We'll be back in a week. Probably. See you then! xxx
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