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One Life Left -- s05e04 -- #100 -- End of a Century Hello. Welcome to a very special One Life Left. Why? Because -- OMG -- we're 100. Numbers aside, we've always been 'special', haven't we? And this is every bit as special as our previous, metaphorically and occasionally literally unbroadcastable hours with features, news, reviews, music and game-related nonsense aplenty. In this week's show: * The team sing! It's OK, they get that bit done with pretty early on. The cake comes later. That's not even a lie, * Superguest Jon Hare, creator of Sensible Soccer, one of the greatest videogames of all time, tells us about his new projects, * We actually play Best Worst Game, promise. Also new stuff from Dr Avatar and The Doyouinverts. Music on 100: Cruisin' Mah '95 Pimpmobile by Kulor Le Road To Bordeaux by Thomas Armstrong Facebook / Twitter / Email / Call us (details in the show). We'll see you next week and for a while after that, we hope.
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