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One Life Left -- s05e03 -- #99 -- 99 Not Out It's been a busy seven days for tawdry, frivolous news, which means it's up to Ann to raise the bar. Can she do it? No, obviously not, but listen to her try: for the third time in four weeks, it's ALL NEW! One! Life! Left!

In this week's show

* Ann gets giggly about celebrity death,

* An official response from the Lego Game Team concerning last week's proposal,

* And the team introduce themselves for the first. Time. Ever.

Plus new features, old features, reviews, music, and a few minor technical glitches. You might also be able to see some video of us somewhere. I'm unclear on how that works. Hm.

Music on 99:

Suspension by Smiletron
I Breath in Black and White by 4Mat
Beat It (Wavedude Remix) by MJ

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One Life Left -- s05e02 -- #98 -- Trauma Center It takes a special kind of show to carry off two comebacks in three weeks but here we are. After a one-week hiatus to take stock, hire and fire, One Life Left returns rejuvenated, reshaped. All three presenters are back, too. Seriously, someone needs to have a word with HR. Still, One Life Left isn't just Ste, Simon and Ann doing their best to make silence sound inviting. The show would be nothing without fabulous features submitted by listeners, and Episode 2 contains some of the very best. There are the beloved regulars, of course, and the return of two Season 4 favourites, but there's also something brand new sneaks in at the end. Consider the Trauma in the title is a clue. Elsewhere, OLL's brave experiment in listener interaction continues. The thing about listener interaction is that it requires participation from both parties. The first party -- the broadcaster -- requests the interaction. The second party -- the listener, that's you -- responds in kind. Phone us, please. The number is in the show and Ann is waiting for your call. Music in #98: Leave Everything / Move On by Covox Sparks by Cornbeast Soulja Boy! Crank those pink squares! by Jay Lever Email: Twitter: Search for us on Facebook and join our page / group
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One Life Left -- s05e01 -- #97 -- Guess Who's Back? One Life Left -- s05e01 -- #97 -- Guess Who's Back?

Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back...

For the newcomers: One Life Left is back. What? Oh! It's a radio show about videogames. It's presented by Ste Curran, Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury. Ste and Simon both work in the videogame industry and have done forever. Ann, after close to a hundred episodes, now knows what a videogame is. We assume. Possibly.

We broadcast on FM radio, courtesy of the brilliant Resonance FM, in the United Kingdom on Monday evenings and podcast the show later that night. We don't talk about videogames all the time and we try to be inclusive. Lots of our listeners don't play videogames all that much, just like Ann. Some of them don't play at all. 

For the veterans: Oh, wow. Tonight was totally fun and we've missed you. Promise.

Season 5 Episode 1 contains: Ste, Ann, Simon and a very special guest. News about videogames, Music that sounds like videogames, four tiny features loosely themed around videogames. Lots of chat about E3, some chat about Ann's cat. That sort of thing.

Music in s05e01: Three Kings by Swampyboy, Relapse and Corecontax (apologies for failing to credit the final two in the show), 8 Bit De La Mort by the incomparable Jungle Fiction, and Raw Footage Trash80 Remix by Leeni.

Other stuff: Hey! You! Please write to us / call us / tweet us / whatever. You're a huge part of why we do this and it's genuinely awesome to be back. The next show is in two weeks' time and after that return to our usual a weekly schedule. We've lots of new features and guests and surprises to come over the next 23 episodes.

One more thing: OLL is completely independent and relies on word of mouth to bring in new listeners. If you listen to the show and like it all we ask is that you tell your friends. Then they'll tell their friends, they'll tell their friends and pretty soon we'll be able to tell the whole world about Ann's cat. Thanks! And see you in a fortnight (or less, if you follow our Twitter / go on our forum / etc).


OLL xx
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