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One Life Left -- s04e24 -- #96 -- Poole Over Season Finales are meant to offer closure, but What mortal could write an ending for a season that's included all-star contributions from Joe Cornish, Iain Lee and Simon Byron's niece? Only one man: it's official OLL literary expert Steven Poole, author of Trigger Happy, the definitive book about videogames!

Steven's bar-raising appearance not withstanding, what else can you expect from the last episode of OLL for a little while? There's a spectacular three-way song fight between Season 3's most tuneful contributors. There's what Ann declared before the show to be her 'worst news ever', no small feat. There are reviews, there are chiptunes, there are small sobs as we say goodbye. Boo! Hoo!

There's also reference to these awesome listener-contributed remixes which we didn't have time to play:

Spencer Lee's "No Butts"
Blinn's "OLL Amiga Mashup"

Amazing. Thanks, chaps. And thanks to SteVader too, who rescued this show after someone (not us, obviously) broke the Resonance backup machine.

Other Music on #96

The Doctor's in Danger: Mahamajama
Hotncold: Bit The Medusa
The Kat and Marie Waltz: Orenji

And with that One Life Life Season 4 is done, done, done. New listeners, don't fret: twenty-four episodes of varying quality are available on this website or iTunes right now (you can even go back as far as the start of Season 3 if you really want). Old listeners, don't fret either. We'll be back. In a little while. Maybe in less time than you expect.

Why? Well, we talk about that at the end of the show. But the abbreviated version: make sure you're subscribed on iTunes or following our RSS Feed. We'll be running some exclusive subscriber content over our break. And we'll still be broadcasting new content on Resonance 104.4 FM.

One final note: if you've ever considered doing a feature for OLL now is the time to suggest it. We'll be launching season five with a new lineup of contributors and one of them could be you. You should know the address to email by now.

Bye! And don't forget to write / tweet / facebook / stalk,


Ste, Simon and Ann
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