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One Life Left -- s04e22 -- #94 -- Ha Ha Bonk What goes ha ha bonk? That’s right, it’s the sound of the OLL team laughing their heads off at this week’s guest: comedy writer, stand-up performer and irreligious troll Christina Martin! Also, Ann and Simon giggling as Ste bangs his face on his mic again. Either way (both ways, actually) it’s OLL #94!

Look, we’re twenty-two episodes into this season and you should really know the drill by now. We can probably be a bit less formal. Maybe even try bullet points. Ninety-four features the following things, in no particular order:

News. Reviews. Music. Obviously.

TWO brilliant, brilliant, exclusive, exclusive new songs.

Discussion including – but not limited to – Christian game reviews, The King of Kong, and a comprehensive answer to the question, “Are university games courses worth the effort?”

Sorry about the delay to the podcast. The team are feeling a bit under the weather this week but hope to have their collective health back together for next week’s penultimate episode of season 4. What happens after that? The last one, of course. Duh. See you!

Songs in #94:

Skins Theme Remix by Pandotrix
Red Flowers by Hurrigame Boy
Talking to Animals by Swampyboy

(It’s possible one of these didn’t make it onto the podcast because of TECHNICAL ISSUES but if you’re curious they’re all available at the brilliant 8bitcollective website).

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