One Life Left's Podcast
 One Life Left -- s04e20 -- #92 -- Tan Man

Just... a... few... minutes... more...

Nope, that's enough waiting - after an extended, weather-enforced hiatus, TEAM OLL is back, back, back, BACK!

Wait! Back, back, back, BACK!?

Yep, four backs – and three tits – in the studio this week, as we continue our series of SuperGuests by welcoming Leo Tan, the Best Man At Street Fighter In The Country, to the warm and cosy confines of Resonance FM HQ.

(Incidentally, does anyone know if The Bike Show made it in to work last week? We bet they did, the swots. We were too busy rolling round in the snow and putting carrots in the middle of snowmen to bother turning up to the office.)

Laugh! As we, um…

Cry! As we, err…

Groove! As we, well…

WHO CARES what’s in the show?  Plug your earphones in, kick back, and relax as we entertain in the way only we know how: not very well. Enjoy!

(NB: Simon here. I thought Ste was going to put this up, but he’s gone to America. I don’t know whether he intended to, and no doubt I’ve buggered up bits of it, but I thought it best we get this delivered to your iTunze ay-ass-ay-pee, what with the fact we weren’t on air last week. He’ll shout at me when he returns. He’s like that. It’s why I wear makeup and long sleeves. But he’s not back for 10 days or so. Next week, it’ll be just me and Ann and no SuperGuest  so please, please, please send letters, jokes, features and songs to Thankyouloveyou. X)

Songs in this episode:

#1: Some. I can't remember. I'm sure Ste says what they are. 

#2: See above.

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