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One Life Left -- s04e19 -- #91 -- Bond Life

"Goldeneye,” sang Tina Turner. "I found his weakness. Goldeneye, he'll do what I please.” She wasn"t singing about One Life Left, but she might as well have been. We're weak, he"s pleasing: it's this week"s special guest, Martin Hollis, Producer and Director of N64 classic Goldeneye!


Why's Martin on the show? Well, listen and you"ll find out, doofus. But if you're impatient, here"s the précis. It's to fend off questions about his current projects. What does Martin think about working with the next generation of videogame hardware? Is it true Nintendo are thinking about porting Facebook to the DS?  And is he really working on the spiritual successor to Goldeneye right now?


Elsewhere, in a minor news coup, Ann reveals the exact launch year of the PS4 and the Xbox-wait-a-minute-I-can-do-this, Derek complains there aren"t enough games for him to sell in January and The Rage is missing, presumed poached. There's also some excellent music, a triplet of reviews and plenty of unprofessional bickering.


One Life Left! No time for sweetness -- but a bitter kiss will bring us to our knees. Thanks, Tina.


Music on #91:


How To Kill a Man From Outer Space // SAVESTATES

Arctic // CFCF

Glitch Test // Vastik Root


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