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One Life Left -- s04e18 -- #90 -- Lee Way

Following #89 was never going to be easy. If we could stop time we would but with all the crushing inevitability of a discrete, week-based counting system episode ninety of One Life Left arrives. The only solution? Another OLL Superguest. This week, we introduce our brand new comedy correspondent: it’s Iain Lee, from off the telly! And the radio! And the internet!


And now our bit of the radio and the internet, too (our TV show’s still at the pilot stage). Iain joins us to chat about how you make show about videogames for television and to help us demonstrate one way of making one for radio: don’t talk about games very much. It’s what OLL does best!


But don’t worry, secret gamers; there’s lots of chat about your super shameful hobby, too. Alongside news and reviews we have Mathew Kumar delivering another Best Worst Game, while Odds On guides you gently through another way gambling relates to gaming. And sound the NEW FEATURE siren! Give your warmest welcome to Game for a Laugh, OLL’s new, regular phone-based quest.


There’s also the return of the One Life Left Game Show. It’s Ann vs Iain, of course. Who wins? Listen to #90 now to find out.


Music this episode:


Chiptune Superstar // She

Arcade Catastrophe // ZibraZibra (thanks, Hikari!)

Sorry Slash I Love You // ChippedTeethSmashedElbows


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