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One Life Left -- s04e19 -- #91 -- Bond Life

"Goldeneye,” sang Tina Turner. "I found his weakness. Goldeneye, he'll do what I please.” She wasn"t singing about One Life Left, but she might as well have been. We're weak, he"s pleasing: it's this week"s special guest, Martin Hollis, Producer and Director of N64 classic Goldeneye!


Why's Martin on the show? Well, listen and you"ll find out, doofus. But if you're impatient, here"s the précis. It's to fend off questions about his current projects. What does Martin think about working with the next generation of videogame hardware? Is it true Nintendo are thinking about porting Facebook to the DS?  And is he really working on the spiritual successor to Goldeneye right now?


Elsewhere, in a minor news coup, Ann reveals the exact launch year of the PS4 and the Xbox-wait-a-minute-I-can-do-this, Derek complains there aren"t enough games for him to sell in January and The Rage is missing, presumed poached. There's also some excellent music, a triplet of reviews and plenty of unprofessional bickering.


One Life Left! No time for sweetness -- but a bitter kiss will bring us to our knees. Thanks, Tina.


Music on #91:


How To Kill a Man From Outer Space // SAVESTATES

Arctic // CFCF

Glitch Test // Vastik Root


See you next week. And join our Twitter feed at /onelifeleft. Go!

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One Life Left -- s04e18 -- #90 -- Lee Way

Following #89 was never going to be easy. If we could stop time we would but with all the crushing inevitability of a discrete, week-based counting system episode ninety of One Life Left arrives. The only solution? Another OLL Superguest. This week, we introduce our brand new comedy correspondent: it’s Iain Lee, from off the telly! And the radio! And the internet!


And now our bit of the radio and the internet, too (our TV show’s still at the pilot stage). Iain joins us to chat about how you make show about videogames for television and to help us demonstrate one way of making one for radio: don’t talk about games very much. It’s what OLL does best!


But don’t worry, secret gamers; there’s lots of chat about your super shameful hobby, too. Alongside news and reviews we have Mathew Kumar delivering another Best Worst Game, while Odds On guides you gently through another way gambling relates to gaming. And sound the NEW FEATURE siren! Give your warmest welcome to Game for a Laugh, OLL’s new, regular phone-based quest.


There’s also the return of the One Life Left Game Show. It’s Ann vs Iain, of course. Who wins? Listen to #90 now to find out.


Music this episode:


Chiptune Superstar // She

Arcade Catastrophe // ZibraZibra (thanks, Hikari!)

Sorry Slash I Love You // ChippedTeethSmashedElbows


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One Life Left -- s04e17 -- #89 -- Yo Joe It begins with an interview because, hey, we don't let just anyone guest on One Life Left, much less give them the coveted title of OLL's Resident Film Expert. It's a formality, though, and post-theme we welcome our new colleague: spoiler warning! It's Joe Cornish, the tall half of TV / Radio / Multimedia's Adam & Joe. O. M. G! Read more below. Aside from the special guest star it's business as usual this week -- music, news, reviews, and one brand new feature that seems to work out pretty well. It's probably best you just listen, really. Oh! And if this is your first One Life Left here are some primer notes (there's a more detailed history in the About section). -- We broadcast across London on the brilliant Resonance FM live every Monday evening, then we podcast the show the day after. We are Ste, Simon and Ann. Hi! -- We're a radio show about videogames but not like that. You should be able to enjoy One Life Left even if you haven't picked up a joypad in weeks, months, years or ever. Um, that's our intention, anyway. -- We mix inane chat with music that sounds like videogames and features from brilliant regular contributors, including Craig 'The Rage' McClellan (our resident gaming poet) and Derek Williams (a market-stall trader in Doncaster who plays a synth and tells us what's been selling this week). -- We've been doing this for nearly three years and we welcome (and encourage) listener contributions. You can join our growing guerilla army in our Facebook group, on our forum, or by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes for free. Please do that. Here's a link to the start of Season 4 so you can catch up. Music in #89: Tetra Star -- Robots Need Love Too MC Chris -- Nrrrd Grrrl (Schizmo's Chiptune Remix) Nullsleep -- Salvation for a Broken Heart and Taliah, of course. See you next week when we'll be joined by another brilliant guest. Who? There's a clue in the show. Jeu Fini!
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One Life Left -- s04e16 -- #88 -- Two Out Of Three Ain’t  Bad

It's a reasonably Happy New Year as two-thirds of One Life Left mark their first day back in the office with resolutions, chat, songs, mistakes and one off-the-cuff comment we regret (cut from this podcast; you really should try and listen live).

Yes, OLL is back with a bang, though not as big a bang as it would be had Ste returned from his holidays in time. He's stuck in Lapland, arguing with Father Christmas about the existence of Peter Molyneux.

So cue emergency call to I'm Dave Green, who ably fills Simon's shoes whilst Simon occupies Ste's red high heels and pretty dress.

This week's show is filled to the brim with actual gaming chat about games, a special "best-of" 2008's news special with Ann (who's ill), a special Derek Williams' Free Market Economy with Derek Williams (who's poorly), a very special Craig "The Rage" McClellan with Craig "The Rage" McClellan (who's sick), a distraught Taliah, and, well, spoilers etc.

One thing we're certainly not spoilerising is the identity of our incredibly incredible special guest next week, who's reasonably certain he'll make it. A few clues inside; join the speculation on the forum, but whatever you do, do send us stuff to ask him or her (it's him).

Music this week is:

• An excellent Super Shinobi/Madonna mashup by Brian Flanagan (cut short on the show: download the full version from the site shortly)
• Fever, by show-saver Spencer Lee
• The loading music to a classic C64 s-s-s-shmup by Rob Hubbard.

Apologies to those who sent musical contributions (and we're unsure of whether we can name); we should have played your songs, but Simon panicked at the desk and forgot his running order. They're in the bank, so to speak.

Normal service will be resumed next week, when Stephen! returns, just in time to welcome (hopefully!) our very, very, very special guest.

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