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One Life Left -- s05e20 -- #116 -- Bango It's the week of the OLL Christmas Party, which means it's the last episode of the show before christmas. So no guest this week, just the team reflecting on a magical year of adventures, awards, and typical incompetence. Bango! Also in #116: ++ Ste returns from 10 days of drinking, manages to just about hold things together ++ Simon loses it in the letters section ++ Ann comes up with a new catchphrase Music in Episode 20 (OMG, only four left for the season!) all comes from Overclocked Remix, who celebrated their 10th anniversary recently. Happy birthday! One last thing: come to the Christmas Party. You'll regret it if you don't. love, Team OLL xxx
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 One Life Left -- s05e19 -- #115 -- MCs Three

Look, it sounds a bit like MCV, which is where industry gatekeeper and this week’s superguest Michael French works. He’s editor-in-chief, no less: making him, literally, the man in charge of the games industry’s news. Marvel as we give him the customary OLL grilling, and manage to glean literally none of his secrets.

Elsewhere it’s business as usual. We’ve features, chat, a joke (of sorts), music and no Ste: he’s drinking in a holiday camp once again. We secretly suspect he’s a Redcoat . And when we say “secretly” we now mean publicly. No Ste means horrific desk errors, due to a the schoolboy one of not actually numbering the tracks on the CD. Our Twitter Poll (@OneLifeLeft) encouraged us to leave the mistakes in. Blame the listeners, not the broadcasters. You know Chris Moyles records his shows a month in advance, don’t you?

Hey, write us: We love your letters. But if that’s not enough, we sometimes reward those who take the time to correspond with free things – this week, we have PSP Minis D-Cube Planet and Circles as prizes, thanks to the kindness of developer GameShastra. And as we – or Michael – call it: these can soon be enjoyed on the PS3. It would have been another One Life Left EX-EX-EX-excusive if the podcast had been up on time.

Next week: the team reunite, for our last show of the year. And most importantly, the last show before the OLL Christmas knees-up (December 18th, from 5:00pm, with a live show at 8:00pm. The Blue Posts, Rupert Street, Soho). It will be literally unbroadcastable: hear it while you can.

See you soon.

Lots of love

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One Life Left -- s05e18 -- #114 -- Press Gang Episode #118 of One Life Left brings the gang back together: Ste's back from Venice and Simon's back from a fact-finding mission to Gamespot. Ann hasn't been anywhere, but that doesn't stop her delivering a world exclusive from nowhere in the letters section... This week they're joined by another special guest. It's one of the secret rulers of the games industry: Steve Owen from Gamespress. Press, you see? Press and gang. Press gang! Right. Rather than spoiling the rest of the episode, which features a bonus Craig the Rage that wasn't in the live show, here are three things you should remember to do in December: 1) Come to our Christmas party 2) Come to our Christmas party 3) Come to our Christmas party. We'll see you there. Music in #114 from the Depreciation Guild. Find us on Twitter / Facebook. Oh, and tell your friends! See you next week. Team OLL xxx
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One Life Left -- s05e17 -- #113 -- Special Ish

One Life Left – S05e17 – #113 – Special ish


Ann: check. Simon: check. Super-special-guest Neil Long, editor Official Nintendo Magazine: c heck. Ste: ...


Yeah, dad’s away this week, so it’s happy fun party time at OLL Towers, with a special celebration in aid of the 50th issue of ONM, in “shops” now.


Bottles of Blue Nun are downed, cigarettes are smoked out through the toilet window and a couple are discovered upstairs amongst the coats. CALL YELLOW PAGES TO TIDY UP!


Aside from a record – and show – breaking two desk errors, it’s actually business as usual at One Life Left. There are only two songs, mind, so fans of The Killers will have to wait until next week, when we *think* Ste is off again.


Write us:


Bye! Bye! Bye!

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One Life Left -- s05e16 -- #112 -- On the Fence Lesser radio shows might think twice about podcasting an regretful hour of bickering, giggling and general idiocy (factual AND behavioural). But One Life Left sees it as an opportunity: this week’s mistake is next week’s hour long apology. Onwards! Also : ++ First details of the Christmas Party, which is on Friday 18th December in London. PLEASE COME. We have a venue and booze and everything ++ Microsoft’s Dan Maher neatly dances past all kinds of journalistic traps set by the cocksure One Life Left ex-ex-exclusive hunting team ++ One Life Left, you’re stupid! Farmville wasn’t made by PlayFish. Please write in and tell us that some more. You know the address Two covers for music this episode: Hot ‘n Cold [Katy Perry] – Mudkipz The Fear [Lily Allen] – Bit the Medusa Ste is away for a week taking a partially-earned holiday , but Simon and Ann will be back next week, presumably with the apologies music on a loop. See you then! Team OLL xxx
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One Life Left -- s05e15 -- #111 -- Biology and History Warning: the following episode of One Life Left contains Biological / Historical terms some people may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised. As a dedicated listener to One Life Left you'll know we often go to great lengths to secure exclusives. In this case not just by having two Nintendo representatives as special guests on the show (Wii HD confirmed???) but by going back in time and getting Ste to Creatively Direct a game that's just been announced for Xbox Live and allowing Ann to give ask him ex-ex-exclusively about it. What game? Chime. Chime is the first game from One Big Game, a charity initiative led by tall, handsome ex-Guerilla guy Martin de Ronde. The idea is that a developer donates a game and some production time, is backed by donations from whatever other organisations publishing that game would require (QA, audio support, and so on) and all the proceeds from sales of the game go to charity. In this case the developer is Zoe Mode, the games studio where Ste is Creative Director. This week Ste had to do interviews with the press which left him a bit rattled by misquotes and even worse) misnaming. You could call it karma; Simon and Ann call it AMMUNITION. Also in One Life Left One One One: ++ Rob and Rob from Nintendo chat about new Mario, new Zelda and the Wii's virginity ++ OLL are generally furious at Activision for not getting invited to the Modern Warfare 2 party ++ Ann doesn't seem like herself. She's probably distracted by the play she's in at the moment, right? Music (uncredited in the show thanks to incompetence, genuine apologies): The Grand Scheme bu RushJet1 French Whores by misfitchris See you next week! Team OLL xxx
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One Life Left -- s05e14 -- #110 -- Boys Own Back in the studio after a midweek adventure to Nottingham GameCity. What happened? Who's missing? Was there an after party? And what happens next? Find out in this week's episode of One Life Left. Oh, and we talk about videogames, too. In #110: -- Nottingham GameCity postmortem, ie seven minutes of black holes and revelations. -- Why Ann's excited about being under 30 -- A grasping, fruitless search for the right word to describe all-male elf-on-elf action (suggestions?) Also reviews, features, music and more. Music in #110: I bid Ye Farewell by AndyExpandy. Do feel free to add us to Twitter / on Facebook / email us (especially important) / call us / send us videogames etc. We'll be back next week with a full team and special guest. See you! 2/3 of Team OLL xx
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One Life Left -- s05e13 -- #109 -- Definitive List Critical success: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED (5g)! Next up, popularity. Research shows that means coming up with arbitrary games-related lists and getting them Dugg, and so it is that OLL brings in the help of a List Expert. Definitive? We'll see... ++ Lots of chat about Nottingham GameCity and the things we're going to do there ++ Not one but Two! Listener! Guests. You could have been one of them if you followed OLL on Twitter*. ++ A handful of salient points about the videogame industry engulfed in a morass of immaturity Probably not going to get the popularity this time, then. But still, Nottingham! GameCity is almost upon us and we are so, so excited about it. Hopefully lots of you will be there, either for our low key live show (lunchtime in the square), the chiptune masterclass (5pm at Muse) or One Night Left in the evening (8pm at Muse). And after that? Who knows. We're staying in the IBIS hotel but don't worry if you've already booked for the other one -- we've no idea where the after-party will be... Music in #109: White Tiger by Sabrepulse A Chiptune to Save the World by Syphus and Combat by Arman Bohn *And you lived close enough to Resonance, and you were free tonight, and you were checking your Twitter feed obsessively, and you wanted to. Obviously.
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One Life Left -- s05e12 -- #108 -- Words and Awards We went to the Games Media Awards. We took enthusiasm, mischief and pocket-sized bottles of vodka to spike our drinks. We were fifteen again and primed for trouble. And then...

No spoilers, obviously. No expectations, right? Also:

+ Mark Ward of Warner Bros pops in to talk about words, awards and Scribblenauts with Ann, with some success and many yelps of delight

+ Breaking news of the Craig the Rage project we've hinted at for a while and how you, yes you, can acquire it

+ Taliah makes her One Life Left comeback and brings a friend.

Music on #108:

Italo Night by YERZMYEY
All I Want (Unicorn Kid Cover) by Superspink!

I promised a new doyouinverts track on Twitter but that last-minute Craig news pushed it out of the show. It'll be on next week. Which will be our last show before AMAZING TIMES at Nottingham GameCity. See you there!
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One Life Left -- s05e11 -- #107 -- Superstar DJs One Life Left -- s05e11 -- #107 -- Superstar DJs

Superstars? Has the whole three-time award-nominees thing finally got to Team OLL? Not really; the superstars in #107 are in a special interview segment and the DJ part is to do with OLL's even at Nottingham Game City...

What else? Lots else, including:

* Simon does a little bit of spot character assassination on our GMA competitors

* Ann doesn't know how piracy works

* Ste forgets to record the show, hence the late podcast

Talking of the podcast, those of you who aren't subscribed on iTunes or on our Libsyn RSS feed won't have heard Ann Life Left (or the BAFTA special we put our last week). You should sort that out immediately because it's brilliant.

As mentioned at the top news of One Night Left, OLL's amazing event at Nottingham GameCity has leaked (courtesy of a huge poster in Nottingham and observant OLL listener Beth). We talk about it on the show and there'll be more info here later but please, keep the evening of the 30th free. It's going to be amazing.

Music on #107: Hiroshi and MoxoM ft Smiletron.

See you next week, by which time, with any luck, we'll be three time award-disgracers. Follow that action on Twitter (onelifeleft / steishere / byronicman / scanters). Bye!

Team OLL
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One Life Left -- x08 -- One Life Left Presents: David Braben - A Life in Videogames Live at BAFTA

David Braben did something great 25 years ago. Then he did some other great things. Then BAFTA asked him if he wanted to talk about all of these things in front of a microphone. Then BAFTA handed over the audio to One Life Left and here we are.


You should listen if you liked Elite, if you like videogames or if you have ears.


Find out about more BAFTA things at


We’ll be back next week and we are totally looking forward to it. Email!




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One Life Left -- x07 -- Ann Life Left #1

Two boys down and one girl left. But wait, isn’t three the magic number? Thank goodness this isn’t Europe’s only FM broadcasting maths radio show. Sadly this is a videogame radio show/podcast, and the boys with the knowledge are in America. So, for one week only, Ann Life Left invites two female friends on to talk games(ish).


We discover some girls really don’t have the greatest gaming credentials.

We decide that doesn’t matter.

We do the games industry a favour and solve the Top 10 Worst Things About Games.


Also, pretty much the best music ever played on OLL this week, all from


Womanizer – omgben

Halo – Pirates with Paper Hats

Hot N Cold – Play it Loud

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Chalices of the Past

Umbrella – electronicMESS


Very special show next week, then back the week after with a regular show. What’s regular? I don’t think we know any more!


Ann + friends.


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One Life Left -- s05e10 -- #106 -- Show Offs We thought the show was off, you see. And then Ste put off his trip to the US by a week, Ann wasn't doing anything all that important, and, well, we're all show offs. So show on! Episode 106 contains the following unordered delights: ++ No Simon! Not that that's a treat, you understand, and we know you'll miss him terribly. But it's a major feature of this episode that's worth calling out for your attention. It's just Ann and Ste in the studio, no guests, no frills, plenty of rambling, several features and some music. Not as much music as we say at the start, but some nonetheless. ++ Those features include a brand new S.Minton track, Derek doing some minimal industrial economising this week, and the irrepressibly analytical Dr Avatar. No Taliah this week because Simon wanted to be around to 'explain'. Sinister. ++ A competition! I know! And the actual, genuine, honest-to-God One Life Left phone number which you can use to ACTUALLY, genuinely, honest-to-God phone us. So do that thing. Also news of next week's show which is going to be astonishing, a disaster or both. Music on #106: Something Happened When You Were Born by minusbaby and Olden Days by syphus. Do email us, add us on Twitter and most of all, tell your friends. There'll be special things going out for the next couple of weeks. We'll be back as a full team on the 12th October. See you then! Ste and Ann xx
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One Life Left -- s05e09 -- #105 -- Emergency Services Emergency Services because, like the rest of the world, this week OLL is talking about 999 and 911. What? No, we're not actually talking telephone numbers. We're discussing the dates that saved videoaming this week: Rock Band's 9/9/9 Beatlapocalypse and Guitar Hero 5's response on September 11th . That's right. Discussing. One Life Left #105 features that rarity for Europe's favourite / only videogame radio show, an actual serious discussion of videogames on the radio. We're just trying it out, don't be scared. Also in #105: + Lots of excellent features incuding Mathew Kumar's Best Worst Games, Dr Avatar's horrifying game injuries and the ever informative Week o' Wiki Wah Wah + Exclusive, if essentially sketchy, pre-information information on OLL's long-rumoured presence at Nottingham Game City + We finally reach the point where we can't even remember our own phone number Music in #105 is from, tracks specifically by Derris-Kharlan and Chipzel. We're away for another couple of weeks now (Simon and Ste have to go to the US, Ann has to stay home and look after the cat). In the meantime we hope to put up some secret stuff. Even if we don't, please do write, tweet and call. Assuming you can find the number. We couldn't. love, Team OLL xxx
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One Life Left -- s05e08 -- #104 -- Dream Cast You want dreams? Easy. Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little listener. No! Wait! Not now! Wait until the episode's finished at least. Come on. Wake up. This isn't... Oh, fair enough. But if you ARE still awake here are some of the things in episode #104 that might keep you that way. + Dave Green (I'm Dave Green!) returns to teach Ann the joys of the BBC Micro and to chat enthusiastically about some exciting events he's organizing + Ann ex-ex-exclusives her news a little by announcing a new Sony handheld device! Although we're still not sure she noticed she was doing it. Look for the story on Kotaku tomorrow AM. + Features: Derek's back, Science Officer considers giant crabs and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland takes on Noel Fielding. Who wins? No spoilers! Also letters, reviews (in which Ste startles himself by noticing just how contrary he is), music from Sabrepulse and Henry Homesweet, and lots of somewhat unprofessional giggling. We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy listening. We'll be back in a week. Probably. See you then! xxx
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One Life Left -- s05e07 -- #103 -- Broken News No time to waste on snappy / elegant / laborious intros tonight. We're on the cusp of a three week break which means we've got three weeks worth of game-related nonsense to get through. So look! Urgency! Enthusiasm! Two guests! One Mic! Actual news! It's One Life Left!

And hidden like ruthless game tigers amongst the wild jungle of news, music, reviews and gossip you'll find on this week's show...

+ Pat Garrett, king of, brings the HARD FACTS and RUTHLESS BREAKING NEWS and some PRESSURED GUESSWORK

+ Mathew Kumar, gaming journalist and Best Worst Game contributor brings the GOSSIP, ARROGANCE and doesn't RUIN OUR RADIO SHOW LIKE HE RUINED SOMEONE'S PODCAST*

+ Craig the Rage visits The Big Chill, the doyouinverts are Coming Out and Dr Avatar has some bad news for Kirby

There's also a bonus Taliah for podcast listeners (we ran out of time during the hour). Apologies if you notice some sound problems this week -- there were a few problems with the desk which Resonance are going to fix over the next few weeks. And that's why we're not here until September, too, but we might put some secret things up on iTunes. If you're not subscribed, sort that out immediately.

Other things to do while you're waiting for us to restart:

- Call / write / follow us on twitter (@steishere, @byronicman, @scanters, @onelifeleft)

- Find someone for Ann to Tw-interview and let her know

- Get OLL in the London Lite (or, frankly, anywhere we don't belong)

- Link us on your super popular blog! Or website! Or livejournal! Do the kids still use Livejournal? Is that cool? Oh God

- Suggest some guests! I think Stephen Fry's a bit busy, though

- Send us email on a subject of your choosing. The address is in the show

- Start an international games industry OLL-sponsored fight. Uh oh!

That's it. See you soon!

Ste, Ann, Simon and The One Life Left Team

*Made it ^x more awesome.
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One Life Left -- s05e06 -- #102 -- OLL, O.B.E. Not to be competitive, here, but how many videogame radio shows can say they've had an Officer of the British Empire as their weekly superguest? We're betting one. And, what ho, chaps, it's this one:

Ian Livingstone, President 4 Lyfe of Eidos, Fighting Fantasy hero and founder of Games Workshop stops by the Resonance FM studios for a chat with the team about life, games, and turning to page 73 to find out.

In this week's show:
* Controversy! As Ian Livingstone DECLARES outright favouritism for a system!
* Intrigue! As Taliah meets a boy!
* Predictability! As Ann 'gets' Twitter, after some explanation.

Plus news, reviews, letters (there was a prize this week so get writing), music (Hash Pipe / Seal of Quality and Charizard / Zantos!), etc.

You'll note a little bit of The Bike Show at the start of the podcast. It is, obviously, One Life Left's favourite show about bikes ever, ever but it's also worth listening to even if you've no interest in the subject. That's one of the things we've always hoped to do with OLL. It's definitely true here. Try it.

See you!
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One Life Left -- s05e05 -- #101 -- Standing Room Only Summertime and the living is easy. The radio presenting not so much, thanks to the hottest studio since the bad old days of '06 and an impromptu physical challenge. Welcome to a giggly, grouchy, fractious, slightly unbalanced One Life Left. In this week's show: * Returning special guest Leo Tan pops in to tell us about The Gathering, Capcom's nerd sanctuary in London where One Life Left plan to drink and play games for free! * More diaphragm than ever! As the team attempt to complete the whole show standing up as if they were four Chris Moyles, except somewhat more tolerable * Twitter! Wah wah wah twitter this wah wah wah onelifeleft / steishere / byronicman / scanters wah wah wah wah wah. Also you might notice some L/R balance issues, especially in the theme at the end. Stick with it though, there's an Easter Egg there. Music on 101: PLEASE SEND US INTERESTING THINGS. Either phonecalls, emails, letters or whatever. Your contributions (and those of our amazing feature contributors, and the music, and the other bits that aren't us) make the show. So go, go, go.
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One Life Left -- s05e04 -- #100 -- End of a Century Hello. Welcome to a very special One Life Left. Why? Because -- OMG -- we're 100. Numbers aside, we've always been 'special', haven't we? And this is every bit as special as our previous, metaphorically and occasionally literally unbroadcastable hours with features, news, reviews, music and game-related nonsense aplenty. In this week's show: * The team sing! It's OK, they get that bit done with pretty early on. The cake comes later. That's not even a lie, * Superguest Jon Hare, creator of Sensible Soccer, one of the greatest videogames of all time, tells us about his new projects, * We actually play Best Worst Game, promise. Also new stuff from Dr Avatar and The Doyouinverts. Music on 100: Cruisin' Mah '95 Pimpmobile by Kulor Le Road To Bordeaux by Thomas Armstrong Facebook / Twitter / Email / Call us (details in the show). We'll see you next week and for a while after that, we hope.
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One Life Left -- s05e03 -- #99 -- 99 Not Out It's been a busy seven days for tawdry, frivolous news, which means it's up to Ann to raise the bar. Can she do it? No, obviously not, but listen to her try: for the third time in four weeks, it's ALL NEW! One! Life! Left!

In this week's show

* Ann gets giggly about celebrity death,

* An official response from the Lego Game Team concerning last week's proposal,

* And the team introduce themselves for the first. Time. Ever.

Plus new features, old features, reviews, music, and a few minor technical glitches. You might also be able to see some video of us somewhere. I'm unclear on how that works. Hm.

Music on 99:

Suspension by Smiletron
I Breath in Black and White by 4Mat
Beat It (Wavedude Remix) by MJ

Facebook / Twitter / Email / Call us about our Episode 100 special. We might see you at Develop, right? Good.
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One Life Left -- s05e02 -- #98 -- Trauma Center It takes a special kind of show to carry off two comebacks in three weeks but here we are. After a one-week hiatus to take stock, hire and fire, One Life Left returns rejuvenated, reshaped. All three presenters are back, too. Seriously, someone needs to have a word with HR. Still, One Life Left isn't just Ste, Simon and Ann doing their best to make silence sound inviting. The show would be nothing without fabulous features submitted by listeners, and Episode 2 contains some of the very best. There are the beloved regulars, of course, and the return of two Season 4 favourites, but there's also something brand new sneaks in at the end. Consider the Trauma in the title is a clue. Elsewhere, OLL's brave experiment in listener interaction continues. The thing about listener interaction is that it requires participation from both parties. The first party -- the broadcaster -- requests the interaction. The second party -- the listener, that's you -- responds in kind. Phone us, please. The number is in the show and Ann is waiting for your call. Music in #98: Leave Everything / Move On by Covox Sparks by Cornbeast Soulja Boy! Crank those pink squares! by Jay Lever Email: Twitter: Search for us on Facebook and join our page / group
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One Life Left -- s05e01 -- #97 -- Guess Who's Back? One Life Left -- s05e01 -- #97 -- Guess Who's Back?

Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back...

For the newcomers: One Life Left is back. What? Oh! It's a radio show about videogames. It's presented by Ste Curran, Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury. Ste and Simon both work in the videogame industry and have done forever. Ann, after close to a hundred episodes, now knows what a videogame is. We assume. Possibly.

We broadcast on FM radio, courtesy of the brilliant Resonance FM, in the United Kingdom on Monday evenings and podcast the show later that night. We don't talk about videogames all the time and we try to be inclusive. Lots of our listeners don't play videogames all that much, just like Ann. Some of them don't play at all. 

For the veterans: Oh, wow. Tonight was totally fun and we've missed you. Promise.

Season 5 Episode 1 contains: Ste, Ann, Simon and a very special guest. News about videogames, Music that sounds like videogames, four tiny features loosely themed around videogames. Lots of chat about E3, some chat about Ann's cat. That sort of thing.

Music in s05e01: Three Kings by Swampyboy, Relapse and Corecontax (apologies for failing to credit the final two in the show), 8 Bit De La Mort by the incomparable Jungle Fiction, and Raw Footage Trash80 Remix by Leeni.

Other stuff: Hey! You! Please write to us / call us / tweet us / whatever. You're a huge part of why we do this and it's genuinely awesome to be back. The next show is in two weeks' time and after that return to our usual a weekly schedule. We've lots of new features and guests and surprises to come over the next 23 episodes.

One more thing: OLL is completely independent and relies on word of mouth to bring in new listeners. If you listen to the show and like it all we ask is that you tell your friends. Then they'll tell their friends, they'll tell their friends and pretty soon we'll be able to tell the whole world about Ann's cat. Thanks! And see you in a fortnight (or less, if you follow our Twitter / go on our forum / etc).


OLL xx
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One Life Left Presents: Nolan Bushnell ‘My Life In Videogames’ recorded at BAFTA   It’s another One Life Left special, as we meet Nolan “the father of videogames” Bushnell ahead of his brilliant BAFTA presentation: “My life in videogames.”


After a quick interview, we’ve the full, unedited session, so you can experience the event as if you were there. Turn off your mobile phones!


Laugh! As Nolan reveals secrets behind the development of Pong!

Cry! As Bushnell reveals some of the things he did wrong when developing the Atari 2600.

Pretend you’re  blind and deaf! When you realise the videos weren’t recorded, so you have to imagine what they were like.


It was a top evening, and one you’re all able to enjoy thanks to BAFTA’s generosity.


Keep an eye on the BAFTA site for more brilliant games-events worth attending.


We’re hoping to do more specials throughout the year, so make sure you’re subscribed through iTunes or the RSS button on the side. It’s our gift to you, because we love you.

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One Life Left -- s04e24 -- #96 -- Poole Over Season Finales are meant to offer closure, but What mortal could write an ending for a season that's included all-star contributions from Joe Cornish, Iain Lee and Simon Byron's niece? Only one man: it's official OLL literary expert Steven Poole, author of Trigger Happy, the definitive book about videogames!

Steven's bar-raising appearance not withstanding, what else can you expect from the last episode of OLL for a little while? There's a spectacular three-way song fight between Season 3's most tuneful contributors. There's what Ann declared before the show to be her 'worst news ever', no small feat. There are reviews, there are chiptunes, there are small sobs as we say goodbye. Boo! Hoo!

There's also reference to these awesome listener-contributed remixes which we didn't have time to play:

Spencer Lee's "No Butts"
Blinn's "OLL Amiga Mashup"

Amazing. Thanks, chaps. And thanks to SteVader too, who rescued this show after someone (not us, obviously) broke the Resonance backup machine.

Other Music on #96

The Doctor's in Danger: Mahamajama
Hotncold: Bit The Medusa
The Kat and Marie Waltz: Orenji

And with that One Life Life Season 4 is done, done, done. New listeners, don't fret: twenty-four episodes of varying quality are available on this website or iTunes right now (you can even go back as far as the start of Season 3 if you really want). Old listeners, don't fret either. We'll be back. In a little while. Maybe in less time than you expect.

Why? Well, we talk about that at the end of the show. But the abbreviated version: make sure you're subscribed on iTunes or following our RSS Feed. We'll be running some exclusive subscriber content over our break. And we'll still be broadcasting new content on Resonance 104.4 FM.

One final note: if you've ever considered doing a feature for OLL now is the time to suggest it. We'll be launching season five with a new lineup of contributors and one of them could be you. You should know the address to email by now.

Bye! And don't forget to write / tweet / facebook / stalk,


Ste, Simon and Ann
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One Life Left -- s04e23 -- #95 -- Authority Complex OLL faces up to the challenge of a Simon-less show this week in the only way it knows how: by packing in half a dozen features, keeping the libel to a minimum and staying well inside our comfort zone. News. Reviews. Authoritative commentary. You’ll find half-assed attempts at all of those in the penultimate episode of Season 4! Our run of excellent guests continues, too. Dave Green (I’m Dave Green) joins us in the studio to teach us about some more retro hardware. There’s some improvised music and a listener competition, and Ann has a special request for email mischief. Also brilliant returns for Best Worst Game, Odds On O’D and Game For A Laugh. We are fortunate to have them all. You might find there’s some stereo imbalance during some of the recorded features this week. Apparently one of the CD players is a bit off-kilter. Some post-production tinkering only resulted in multiple Audacity crashes – we’ll try and fix it in the live broadcast next week. It’s our finale! Do join us (and our special guest)! Music on #95: Swapping Harpoons with Ron Moss – Poke-1,170 8-Bit Symmetrical Girl – Chalices Of The Past
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One Life Left -- s04e22 -- #94 -- Ha Ha Bonk What goes ha ha bonk? That’s right, it’s the sound of the OLL team laughing their heads off at this week’s guest: comedy writer, stand-up performer and irreligious troll Christina Martin! Also, Ann and Simon giggling as Ste bangs his face on his mic again. Either way (both ways, actually) it’s OLL #94!

Look, we’re twenty-two episodes into this season and you should really know the drill by now. We can probably be a bit less formal. Maybe even try bullet points. Ninety-four features the following things, in no particular order:

News. Reviews. Music. Obviously.

TWO brilliant, brilliant, exclusive, exclusive new songs.

Discussion including – but not limited to – Christian game reviews, The King of Kong, and a comprehensive answer to the question, “Are university games courses worth the effort?”

Sorry about the delay to the podcast. The team are feeling a bit under the weather this week but hope to have their collective health back together for next week’s penultimate episode of season 4. What happens after that? The last one, of course. Duh. See you!

Songs in #94:

Skins Theme Remix by Pandotrix
Red Flowers by Hurrigame Boy
Talking to Animals by Swampyboy

(It’s possible one of these didn’t make it onto the podcast because of TECHNICAL ISSUES but if you’re curious they’re all available at the brilliant 8bitcollective website).

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 One Life Left -- s04e21 -- #93 -- EU/AU

Desk checked: check. Guests checked: check. Live in three... two... one...
Oops. With Ste in America selling the rights to USA Life Left, it’s down to Simon and Ann to hold the show together. But following an anarchic Bike Show, there’s little time. It’s fair to say there are more errors with the desk in the first 10 minutes than the first 10 minutes of any show. But we muddle through as only One Life Left knows how: poorly.

Joined by Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell and a genuine, actual One Listener Left from the other side of the world, it’s kind-of business as usual: if the usual is a broken studio recorder (thanks for saving the show, Derek Williams!), friendly racism, and  quite  a lot of actual chat about videogames and that.

Features include Derek Williams (thanks!), Mathew Kumar (thanks!) and a special As Seen On TV (hmmm), but the highlight has to be three-and-a-half minutes of Craig “The Rage”. Astonishing stuff, which’ll long be remembered after the theme rolls.

Music includes: something from Street Fighter II (or III) HD Turbo Nutter Graphics Edition, a brilliant reader-submitted song, and a dance remix of the Marble Madness theme.

Join us next week when we’ll be welcoming yet another SuperGuest. And the return of Ste, who’ll no doubt have a go at us for not making up an icon or nothing when we were only doing our best, which is patently not good enough.

Hats off!

(PS: Massive, massive thanks to Derek Williams who’s tirelessly pieced together bits from an intermittent feed to ensure this appears in your ears in some capacity. As such, the quality varies – the Internet’s fault, not Derek’s – but it’s uploaded here because surely it’s better than not being uploaded here at all. Thanks Derek!)

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 One Life Left -- s04e20 -- #92 -- Tan Man

Just... a... few... minutes... more...

Nope, that's enough waiting - after an extended, weather-enforced hiatus, TEAM OLL is back, back, back, BACK!

Wait! Back, back, back, BACK!?

Yep, four backs – and three tits – in the studio this week, as we continue our series of SuperGuests by welcoming Leo Tan, the Best Man At Street Fighter In The Country, to the warm and cosy confines of Resonance FM HQ.

(Incidentally, does anyone know if The Bike Show made it in to work last week? We bet they did, the swots. We were too busy rolling round in the snow and putting carrots in the middle of snowmen to bother turning up to the office.)

Laugh! As we, um…

Cry! As we, err…

Groove! As we, well…

WHO CARES what’s in the show?  Plug your earphones in, kick back, and relax as we entertain in the way only we know how: not very well. Enjoy!

(NB: Simon here. I thought Ste was going to put this up, but he’s gone to America. I don’t know whether he intended to, and no doubt I’ve buggered up bits of it, but I thought it best we get this delivered to your iTunze ay-ass-ay-pee, what with the fact we weren’t on air last week. He’ll shout at me when he returns. He’s like that. It’s why I wear makeup and long sleeves. But he’s not back for 10 days or so. Next week, it’ll be just me and Ann and no SuperGuest  so please, please, please send letters, jokes, features and songs to Thankyouloveyou. X)

Songs in this episode:

#1: Some. I can't remember. I'm sure Ste says what they are. 

#2: See above.

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One Life Left -- s04e19 -- #91 -- Bond Life

"Goldeneye,” sang Tina Turner. "I found his weakness. Goldeneye, he'll do what I please.” She wasn"t singing about One Life Left, but she might as well have been. We're weak, he"s pleasing: it's this week"s special guest, Martin Hollis, Producer and Director of N64 classic Goldeneye!


Why's Martin on the show? Well, listen and you"ll find out, doofus. But if you're impatient, here"s the précis. It's to fend off questions about his current projects. What does Martin think about working with the next generation of videogame hardware? Is it true Nintendo are thinking about porting Facebook to the DS?  And is he really working on the spiritual successor to Goldeneye right now?


Elsewhere, in a minor news coup, Ann reveals the exact launch year of the PS4 and the Xbox-wait-a-minute-I-can-do-this, Derek complains there aren"t enough games for him to sell in January and The Rage is missing, presumed poached. There's also some excellent music, a triplet of reviews and plenty of unprofessional bickering.


One Life Left! No time for sweetness -- but a bitter kiss will bring us to our knees. Thanks, Tina.


Music on #91:


How To Kill a Man From Outer Space // SAVESTATES

Arctic // CFCF

Glitch Test // Vastik Root


See you next week. And join our Twitter feed at /onelifeleft. Go!

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One Life Left -- s04e18 -- #90 -- Lee Way

Following #89 was never going to be easy. If we could stop time we would but with all the crushing inevitability of a discrete, week-based counting system episode ninety of One Life Left arrives. The only solution? Another OLL Superguest. This week, we introduce our brand new comedy correspondent: it’s Iain Lee, from off the telly! And the radio! And the internet!


And now our bit of the radio and the internet, too (our TV show’s still at the pilot stage). Iain joins us to chat about how you make show about videogames for television and to help us demonstrate one way of making one for radio: don’t talk about games very much. It’s what OLL does best!


But don’t worry, secret gamers; there’s lots of chat about your super shameful hobby, too. Alongside news and reviews we have Mathew Kumar delivering another Best Worst Game, while Odds On guides you gently through another way gambling relates to gaming. And sound the NEW FEATURE siren! Give your warmest welcome to Game for a Laugh, OLL’s new, regular phone-based quest.


There’s also the return of the One Life Left Game Show. It’s Ann vs Iain, of course. Who wins? Listen to #90 now to find out.


Music this episode:


Chiptune Superstar // She

Arcade Catastrophe // ZibraZibra (thanks, Hikari!)

Sorry Slash I Love You // ChippedTeethSmashedElbows


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One Life Left -- s04e17 -- #89 -- Yo Joe It begins with an interview because, hey, we don't let just anyone guest on One Life Left, much less give them the coveted title of OLL's Resident Film Expert. It's a formality, though, and post-theme we welcome our new colleague: spoiler warning! It's Joe Cornish, the tall half of TV / Radio / Multimedia's Adam & Joe. O. M. G! Read more below. Aside from the special guest star it's business as usual this week -- music, news, reviews, and one brand new feature that seems to work out pretty well. It's probably best you just listen, really. Oh! And if this is your first One Life Left here are some primer notes (there's a more detailed history in the About section). -- We broadcast across London on the brilliant Resonance FM live every Monday evening, then we podcast the show the day after. We are Ste, Simon and Ann. Hi! -- We're a radio show about videogames but not like that. You should be able to enjoy One Life Left even if you haven't picked up a joypad in weeks, months, years or ever. Um, that's our intention, anyway. -- We mix inane chat with music that sounds like videogames and features from brilliant regular contributors, including Craig 'The Rage' McClellan (our resident gaming poet) and Derek Williams (a market-stall trader in Doncaster who plays a synth and tells us what's been selling this week). -- We've been doing this for nearly three years and we welcome (and encourage) listener contributions. You can join our growing guerilla army in our Facebook group, on our forum, or by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes for free. Please do that. Here's a link to the start of Season 4 so you can catch up. Music in #89: Tetra Star -- Robots Need Love Too MC Chris -- Nrrrd Grrrl (Schizmo's Chiptune Remix) Nullsleep -- Salvation for a Broken Heart and Taliah, of course. See you next week when we'll be joined by another brilliant guest. Who? There's a clue in the show. Jeu Fini!
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One Life Left -- s04e16 -- #88 -- Two Out Of Three Ain’t  Bad

It's a reasonably Happy New Year as two-thirds of One Life Left mark their first day back in the office with resolutions, chat, songs, mistakes and one off-the-cuff comment we regret (cut from this podcast; you really should try and listen live).

Yes, OLL is back with a bang, though not as big a bang as it would be had Ste returned from his holidays in time. He's stuck in Lapland, arguing with Father Christmas about the existence of Peter Molyneux.

So cue emergency call to I'm Dave Green, who ably fills Simon's shoes whilst Simon occupies Ste's red high heels and pretty dress.

This week's show is filled to the brim with actual gaming chat about games, a special "best-of" 2008's news special with Ann (who's ill), a special Derek Williams' Free Market Economy with Derek Williams (who's poorly), a very special Craig "The Rage" McClellan with Craig "The Rage" McClellan (who's sick), a distraught Taliah, and, well, spoilers etc.

One thing we're certainly not spoilerising is the identity of our incredibly incredible special guest next week, who's reasonably certain he'll make it. A few clues inside; join the speculation on the forum, but whatever you do, do send us stuff to ask him or her (it's him).

Music this week is:

• An excellent Super Shinobi/Madonna mashup by Brian Flanagan (cut short on the show: download the full version from the site shortly)
• Fever, by show-saver Spencer Lee
• The loading music to a classic C64 s-s-s-shmup by Rob Hubbard.

Apologies to those who sent musical contributions (and we're unsure of whether we can name); we should have played your songs, but Simon panicked at the desk and forgot his running order. They're in the bank, so to speak.

Normal service will be resumed next week, when Stephen! returns, just in time to welcome (hopefully!) our very, very, very special guest.

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