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One Life Left -- s04e15 -- #87 -- Snow Business

It’s 6.15pm, in the studio and we’re all set up, missing one guest. Ste makes the call. Hey Ellie Gibson of Eurogamer Dot Net! Where are you? “Hey Ste! I’m in Soho!” Are you still on for the show tonight? “Yes, totally. It’s an 8pm start isn’t it?” Uh oh. No, Ellie, you’ve got 45 minutes. Pause. “It’s OK, I’ll be there!”



So begins Ellie’s sprint across town which, just like Ste’s in episode #81, is perfectly timed and finishes with ten seconds remaining the show’s 30-second theme tune. That’s why we’re a bit giggly at the start of the very festive #87 and that’s why her mic doesn’t work. We deal! We absolutely deal. We would not have been able to deal with that last week.


Oh, last week.


On to this week, and the last episode of this year. It’s the most feature-packed episode of One Life Left this season with very special Christmas editions of Free Market Economy, Best Worst Games, and a new, exclusive doyouinverts Christmas single. There’s also the return of a classic One Life Left feature that hasn’t appeared for at least a season and some brilliant Christmas music, including:


SNOBLIND – Receptors

Unironic Christmas Medley – Savestates

Last Christmas (hot digi remix) – Goto80 (a brilliant but essentially emergency choice that I think we played last year)


We’ll see you next year. Do email us in the meantime and keep watching the site for Christmas blogs and things. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy everything.


Ste, Simon and Ann

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