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One Life Left -- s04e11 -- #83 -- Troll Booth Om nom nom nom? What? No! The OTHER kind of troll, the one that resides on the internet and says naughty things to gain a lol-some reaction. That's what OLL's big mouth feels like this week. But who are we trolling, and why?

Oh, no-one, deliberately, obviously. We're nice! We love everyone, even the gaming industry legends we insult. That's why we promise to keep the really salacious anecdotes to the off-air stuff at the OLL party. But the best kind of troll is the accidental one, the off-hand quip you regret later, and while there's no apology section this week we expect we'll need one in #84. Sorry! Sorry.

OLL #83 also contains no less than five separate features, the continuation of some threads from episodes past and some excellent listener-letters. If you want to be on next week's show you're welcome to send us stuff, of course. Otherwise just tune in, silently listening, and enjoy. It is a fun one, we think.

Also, keep an eye on the blog for more BONUS CONTENT from presenters and contributors alike.

Music in #83:

Hello by Uoki-Toki
In the Year 200X by 8-Bit Metal
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

Special thanks to Derek, who's struggling through computer problems to maintain his excellent contribution record.

ALSO. RSVP to our party. It is going to be awesome.
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