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One Life Left -- s04e08 -- #80 -- Mother's Day We're One Life Left's parents and we love all our children, but our eightieth (recognised) child was certainly born under a bad sign. Seconds before the show started we were shouted at by our beautiful engineer, Maria, for a crime we didn't commit, so we shouted back; and then, when the show finally started, two of the mics weren't working. The only person who could save us? Maria. Uh oh!

But save us she did and so, beginning with an early hit of mood-music to cover up the tense sounds of an audio caesarian, episode eight of season four pukes and mewls its way into your ears. This episode: Craig, Derek, Mathew and Taliah all entertain with winning contributions, a couple of engagements for you to add to your diaries, some news of some NEW OLL merchandise and a very, very, very special guest.

And gossip, reviews, news, Simon Byron's Memoirs, etc.

Music in #80:

Destiny's Child // Say My Name by Copy
Niji No Kawa by she
Animal Crossing Traveling OC ReMix by Kaijin
Bright Tomorrow by Fuck Buttons

Blogs about contents to come later in the week, hopefully. And OLL at GameCity, of course. See you all on Thursday?
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One Life Left -- s04e07 -- #79 -- No Prizes No prizes for naming this week's guest after the first, ooh, three words of the show. No prizes for working out what's up with Ann's voice, either, particularly if you've been reading our blog. And, if you were lucky enough to attend the GMAs last Thursday, no prizes for guessing what most of this week's apology section concerns. Uh oh, it's OLL #79: the post-party regret.

But the show isn't just about red faces, recollection immediately followed by regret. There's also the bits in between, the features and news and jingles and stuff. You know, the good stuff: Craig 'The Rage' McClellan takes on the Nintendo DS, Taliah looks at Ridge Racer and Mathew Kumar recalls Seaman on the Dreamcast.

And, midway through, just after the letters section and essentially out of nowhere, we announce OLL's next public gathering and invite you all. We'll do a proper blog about that this week but for now please accept our audio invite. You should come. It promises to be awesome. There might even be prizes.

We also play some astonishingly good music on #79:

Sun Lights Stars (Covox Remix) by Ram Rider
Earthbound -- Twoson Hits The Road -- OC Remix by djpretzel
Coloris by She.

And, you know, everything else.

Please enjoy -- protest on our forum if you don't, or even if you do -- and we'll see you in a week (and maybe *see* you in ten days). Exciting times!

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One Life Left -- s04e06 -- #78 -- Broken Record We've never been afraid of tempting fate -- would we self-herald as Britain's favourite videogame radio show if we were? -- but the news we received this morning might make a weaker team opt for humility and caution over bravado in the future. Still, we wouldn't be One Life Left if we weren't big-mouthed idiots so please enjoy our 78th hour of published regret.

Inside you'll find, amongst other joys, the return of our gambling contributor Odds On O'D and a brand new doyouinverts track inspired by one of One Life Left's favourite websites. There's also five pieces of expertly-stolen gaming news, some new music and Ste talks about how he went to Tokyo by mentioning SHIBUYA a lot.

Also apologies. Genuine apologies.

Please write to us. You'll note midway through the show we make a plea for your help. We will replace that plea later in the week so keep reading for an update on that. For now, enjoy our hour and keep your fingers crossed for us on Thursday.

Music in #78: Sonic the Hedgehog Metamorphic Rock by Darkesword
One Car Family by 240 Interceptor
Monsieur Revee by best-friend-of-One-Life-Left Spencer
and, as mentioned, more from the doyouinverts.

Apologies for the (jetlag-related) delay. See you soon.
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One Life Left -- s04e05 -- #77 -- Illegal Alien

This show is sponsored by:

CD prepared? Check. Guests – or co-presenter – in studio? Check. Over-ambitious list of things to chat about? Check. Studio door locked just in case The Man tries to interrupt the maverick broadcast? Check. Memory card inserted into the memory card machine so the show can be recorded and podcast if that’s a verb? Check. Record pushed?

 With Ste away in Japan, good ship One Life Left is left in the (dis)able(d) hands of Simon, Ann and guest co-host Tom BrammersMcBramwell from off of


Ste's List Of Things To Do is largely ignored as we ramble our way through radio exclusives such as:


Then: The Phone! After all, when better to experiment with technology than when the desk is being driven by someone who's only driven a desk once before, and that
went very badly? I know: now.

Still, it seems to go reasonably okay, until the shock twist at the end of the show, when at which point literally – literally – all seems lost.

This episode is bought to you – unedited - thanks to One Life Left best friend Spencer Lee. Who not only provides one of the show's audio high points, but saves this episode. Literally.

Thanks Spencer. OLL salutes you. Thank him here: Thanks also to Derek, whou would have been there if Spencer wasn’t.

Oh, music:
Knights of Cydonia 8bit (ripped from YouTube)
Agony theme, Psygnosis
Two listener contributions
Lemmings Rap 7inch, SFX
Commando them, Rob Hubbard

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