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One Life Left -- s04e04 -- #76 -- Desk Job

In which Simon assumes control of the One Life Left radio bus, Ste cowers in the front seat and peers between his fingers, and Ann makes out with boys on the back seat.

Welcome to #76, in which three important announcements are made. We’ll blog them in detail later in the week but I don’t think it’s a spoiler to those announcements concern:

i)                    The WINNER of One Life Left’s most popular competition ever, to name a Beer at Nottingham Game City

ii)                  One Life Left’s amazing, unique, ill-advised event at Nottingham Game City

iii)                Ste’s absence next week.

Which is why Simon’s driving this week. To learn, you know. It wouldn’t be One Life Left if the preparation wasn’t ill-considered and last-minute.

To alleviate the pressure / add to the complexity, we have a guest for the first time in Season 4. Ellie “Gibbo” Gibson returns to the airwaves to amuse, entertain and talk about videogames. We are lucky to have her. We (abruptly) welcome a new feature, too – ‘The Best Worst Games You’ve Never Played’ by Mathew Kumar. We’re looking for a jingle for that segment so if you can provide, get in touch. And the regulars are all present and correct too – poetry, gambling, chart musings and more.

Music this week:

The Suspense Is Killing Me – Boy 8-Bit
Shempi – Ratatat
Electric Touch (Mighty Mi / Stev1der Mix) – Kanye West v. MGMT
Toejam & Earl Bumpin’ OC Remix

Ok. See you soon!

Ste, Simon and Ann xxx

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