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One Life Left -- s04e03 -- #75 -- Saddle Up Yo, gaming tough guys the broadcast / podcast world over, know this: One Life Left has never been afraid of making enemies. Our independence allows us that freedom. We can say what we want about whoever we want and still be sure we'll continue to not receive free things in the post (please send us free things in the post). We're a videogame show with principles. Our main principle is that because we don't have the opportunity to sell out you can be sure that we haven't.

So yeah, we're tough. Last week on the blog, though, we chose to pick on the wrong people. We stepped outside our videogame comfort zone and chose to pick on men with bikes. And this week, The Bike Show acted exactly how you might imagine The Bike Show would: with grace and humour, inviting us on to the last five minutes of their (professionally produced, diligently prepared, also podcast) show. You join us just after our unexpected backie, three presenters giddy from a magical bike ride through Resonance FM.

So, allow us a moment to calm down and then enjoy the news, the features, the music (see below) and the epic, astonishing letters section featuring actual post. And enjoy the post-production too, since this is a recut of Season 4, Episode 3, largely deglitched. If you feel like you're missing out you should really tune in live but actually, this time the podcast listeners get the better deal: the new feature (no spoilers) is here in full, the victim of a dodgy last-minute CD burn in the FM-broadcast show. It is excellent.

With luck we'll have another new feature next show and our first guest of the season. Maybe even the Nottingham announcement we've been teasing you with for some time. Do enter the competition, and write to us using our contact for or at the address in the show -- your letters are consistently brilliant and make us happy.

Music: Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle / the Mountain Goats and Kaki King
Magical 8bit Tour / YMCK
Street Fighter II Sly Thai Guy OC Remix / Kaijin

All to be added to our music links page imminently. Do let people know about the show if you think they should know about the show and keep checking the blog for irregular / nonsenseical updates. We'll see you in a week.
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