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One Life Left -- s03e23 -- #71 -- Telephonic Spree Those of you who can think as far back as the start of Season 3 might remember that we often promised to call people and never ever got around to it, mostly because it took about a dozen episodes for Resonance to get around to installing the phone. We make up for that today by using our Skype phone on no less than four occasions! To varying degrees of success, as you'll find out.

What else can we reveal without spoilers? Well, contrary to our hastily penned trailer on Eurogamer there aren't any reviews this week -- blame the fight we had about Riff last week and not wanting to turn Simon's last episode of the season into another row. But to compensate the news section contains actual news, an OLL regular returns to debut new material, Derek's still Derek and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland continues to hurt.

The show is presented almost completely unedited* so you'll please forgive the minor errors. Post production could have fixed them all, e.g. by highlighting the whole One Listener Left section and pressing delete, but we're all about honesty. Also laziness. We do forget to call someone as Simon mentions at the end of the show but perhaps we'll remedy that next week.

By we I mean Ann and Ste, because Simon's off on holiday now. He'll be back for the OLL wrap party which is tentatively scheduled for the 26th of April in London somewhere (we're seeking a venue, so write in if you can help with that). Ann and Ste will return next Tuesday for the OLL Season 3 Finale with a very special copresenter. Please join us then.

Oh, music: It's quite a musical episode. A Lemmings remix by a friend of a listener, a track from ex-OLL-standards Colon Openbracket, a quick blast of a new CFCF remix (vs Sally Shapiro) and a Mega Man II remix by Johan Agebjorn.

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*Of course it doesn't have the half hour preamble in which we checked the mics, Ann made us drinks and Simon called Simon's sister and talked about celebrity conquests. For that sort of thing you'll have to listen live. Sorry!
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