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One Life Left -- s03e12 -- #60 -- Hearing is Believing Firstly Happy New Year. Enough smalltalk. This will be quite brief for reasons that will soon be obvious.

The podcast is uploading now. It is late and it is late because the podcast has been, um, in post-production for a little while. We've tried not to edit in Season 3, partially because it's a more honest way of living but mostly because we're lazy. But you will hear the problem a few minutes into the show: we forgot half of our backing music. So I've fixed that now (not disguised it, you'll note) but it's taken a while and here we are.

SO, hearing is believing and the episode you're about to listen to has been DIGITALLY RECREATED for your pleasure as if we were a piece of virtual reality software from the early nineties. That's right: One Life Left is officially both in its time and ahead of its time. We are Pixar, using bleeding edge tech to enhance your entertainment experience. We are idiots, using technology to cover up for our incompetence.

Enough! The Christmas break is over and the team are back, back, back again. And with all that's happened having happened (has anything actually happened?) the gang can't possibly avoid talking about videogames for a full hour, right? So here's what happens. SPOILER WARNINGS: four of the regulars from last year return, as do plenty of in-studio features and lots of unexpected asides. Simon presents Ste with a reading from something unexpected, Ste brings in an unexpected toy, and Ann has unexpectedly played two games. Plus Christmas present chat, lots of letters, competition results, reviews reviews reviews, a couple of new songs and plenty more.

Right. Sorry to those who listened live. In another way you're tremendously lucky because you got OLL acoustic. See you next week.

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