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One Life Left -- s03e05 -- #53 -- Take Two We'll be honest because hey, we're 53 episodes in and we think we've known you long enough to trust you, to call you a friend: you almost didn't get to hear this episode. At 9.05pm on Tuesday the 6th November the OLL team found itself in Trouble and the sort of Trouble which gets a capital to distinguish it from the kind of trouble when Simon tricks Ann into saying rude words. Yes, this was Trouble: One Life Left's precious, intricately constructed show was fast disintegrating in the turbulent wake of the previous studio occupants. Who were still around. And didn't seem in any hurry to leave.

Why wouldn't they leave? Why was the studio covered in lager and wires and coats and... tissues? Why were there tissues on the floor? It wasn't really The Team's fault, not this time, but it was six minutes, seven minutes, eight minutes past nine and things were going badly. Really badly. By nine minutes past they'd degenerated. Broken equipment, curious lights blinking on and off, level needles dancing as if posessed and headphones that didn't so much add clarity as obscure what little sound we were generating. Simon had already uttered the word we've heard too many times already, the word no-one wants to hear -- unbroadcastable -- but we were broadcasting, Oh God we were already broadcasting.

The only thing to do? Take a breath, apologise to the live audience and reboot, reset, restart. You are listening to Resonance 104.4FM. It's... Just after ten past nine. And that means it's time for One Life Left.

Wake up, wake up, podcast listners! It was all just a bad dream, those bad things never happened, those bad people were never here and this is One Life Left, rattled but reinvigorated. News, features, music, bad jokes and bickering. The results and restart of Ann Art. David McCarthy helpfully provides some instructions for would-be games reviewers. Derek, faithful Derek gives us his Firework Market Economy and there's a tribute poem to much-missed Craig 'The Rage' McClellan. Oh, and we get round to reviewing some videogames in an actual reviews section this week, although we're really mostly distracted by repeated attempts to Skype with Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil (we'll pick this up next week).

Apologies once again to those who endured the first ten minutes live. If you were being extremely charitable you could called it 'Exclusive material' and claim it had been 'Released to dedicated live as a show of gratitude'. Actually it was doe-eyed terror reflected in the headlights of an SUV driven by the spirts of selfishness and incompetence. You almost didn't hear this episode. Still more apologies in advance to those of you who'll wish you hadn't. We'll be back to normal (?) in #54, except with one of the team missing for the first time in Season 3. Who? Tune in in a week to find out and enjoy their temporary replacement (though I wouldn't exactly recommend you listen live).

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